“The Voice” Irony (from last season now)

The Voice Judges:

“Engage the crowd. Let them see your eyes. Look right at them. Move around the stage.”

The Voice Host:

“Please welcome multiple award-winning musician and friend of the show, Sia!”THE VOICE -- "Live Playoffs" Episode 812B -- Pictured: Sia -- (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

My Best Bowled Game

Started a game with 7 strikes in a row.

Then a spare. Not the end of the world.

The split in the 9th still makes me cringe, though. Turkeyed the tenth, though. That impresses me to this day.

This was January 30, 2000-something. Maybe 2004 or 2005….

Quote of the Day

“Schizophrenia can be an excellent management style.”

Merlin Mann, The Dalrymple Report #3

Happy Fourth of July 2015

fireworks for 2015

Cute puppy

He stares into your soul…

my new dog looking right into your soul

Watching Random Movies

Sometimes, I feel like watching forgotten movies.


Right now, I’m half in the mood to pull out “Treasure Planet” and “Dinosaurs” and watch those this week.


Maybe follow that up with “Atlantis: The Lost Empire”?


I watched all of those movies once when I bought their DVDs 10-15 years ago. Don’t remember much about any of them, to be honest.  I remember only thinking that “Treasure Planet” felt like three episodes of a TV show strung together.


They couldn’t have been all bad, right?  At the very least, there’s likely gold in those hills if you dig deep enough, right?


Might be worth a try…

Hey, Look, They Cured Diabetes Again

Sayeth UC Davis:

The new drug apparently works by stabilizing metabolites of an omega-3 fatty acid called DHA. These metabolites are thought to contribute to the beneficial effects of a diet high in omega-3 fatty acids, Hammock said. Previous UC Davis research in the laboratories of Hammock, Nipavan Chiamvimonvat, Robert Weiss, Anne Knowlton and Fawaz Haj showed that the enzyme reduces or reverses such diabetes-linked medical issues as renal failure, hypertension, diabetic pain, hardening of the arteries and heart failure.

Or, you know, just take a vitamin instead.

Disney’s “Hunchback of Notre Dame”

I’ve never seen Disney’s “Hunchback of Notre Dame.” Like most right-thinking people, I gave up on Disney’s animated features in the 90s after Lion King. They all hit the same formula after that.

But I’ve always been amused at how Disney has buried the movie. Not completely. (It’s no “Black Cauldron”/”Song of the South”.) They did issue a Blu-ray of it at one point. They didn’t give it a special designation of any sort, and they rehashed the DVD’s special features for it, but at least they released it.

But while the movie’s contemporaries occupy a regular spot in the rotation on the Disney Channel — Mulan, Hercules, and their sequels — “Hunchback” is noticeably absent.

This article probably explains why:

“I now want to point out that this Disney movie has a song in which the villain sings that he will either rape the main female character or burn her at the stake, because his lust for her is driving him insane. As he sings the song, he sees a vision of her dancing in his fire, and although it is obvious that usually this fiery image is clothed, there are moments when that doesn’t so much seem to be the case.”

That’s the Disney song titled “Hellfire.”

“Hellfire.” The Disney song. About FIRE from HELL.

Yikes, what were they thinking?

The movie is available on Netflix, as is its direct-to-DVD sequel. Might be worth a watch now, just without my daughter…

Also, they might be working on bringing “Disney’s Hunchback” back to Broadway, too. Weird.

The Next Generation Will Lead the Way Out

Meanwhile, not all of comScore’s data is that reassuring. The company says a whopping 24 percent of 18-to-34-year-olds say they’re not subscribing to pay TV. More than half of those folks — 13 percent of the total number polled — say they’ve cut the cord, while 11 percent say they’ve never had a cord, period.

via 24 Percent of Millennials Say They’re Not Paying for TV – Comscore | Re/code.

If I ever get around to writing up the sheer hell Verizon has put me through this past week, you’ll see why I find this future a beautiful place. It’ll be one less avenue for cable companies to attempt to screw people out of hundreds of dollars due to their own incompetence and/or lies (er, “misrepresentation.”)

Diabetes is Cured Again

Giant leap against diabetes | Harvard Gazette.

With human embryonic stem cells as a starting point, the scientists were for the first time able to produce, in the kind of massive quantities needed for cell transplantation and pharmaceutical purposes, human insulin-producing beta cells equivalent in most every way to normally functioning beta cells.

Sounds good to me. Sign me up!

CNBC’s New Comic Books Business Analyst

I appeared on CNBC this week. See the video here. It leaves out the last question that I answered, but we’ll save that for the Director’s Cut Blu-ray down the line somewhere…

Inspiration for Your Resume

Happy Dia-Versary To Me!

What’s a “Dia-Versary,” you may ask? It’s a diabetic anniversary.

Memorial Day weekend, 1987 was when I was officially diagnosed as a Type 1 Diabetic. We called it Juvenile Diabetes back then. We also tested our blood sugar by pricking our fingers with something everyone today refers to as the Guillotine. Click on this link to see it in all its glory. They even have the directions pictured there. Imagine hitting your fingers with it multiple times a day. It didn’t last long, as I recall, but it will never be forgotten… Wait, here, I have to include the pic:

The Guillotine

It’s OK to shudder. We all just did with you.

I recently switched to an insulin pump and have nothing but great things to say about it, but maybe we’ll get to that in a future post.

For now, er, Happy Dia-Versary to Me! Please pass the Russell Stovers Sugar Free peanut butter cups, OK?

The Voice and American Idol

  • Next week, both The Voice and American Idol will crown new winners. It’s possible both competitions this season will be won by teenaged girls (*) who have a knack for dramatically interpreting songs in their own modern style.

  • Both will likely quickly disappear, never to be heard from again save their performances on the shows next season when they “drop” their first albums.

  • Jacquie Lee got robbed last season, dagnabit!

  • THE VOICE SPOILER: The internet sensation was saved by a Twitter vote tonight. Who didn’t see that coming?

  • One completely random and meaningless The Voice thought: One contestant this week sang a song by Jewel, a judge on another NBC singing show, The Sing-Off, while another sang a Disney song, which is owned by rival network ABC.

  • And finally — this season on singing competition shows, everyone who sang “Let It Go” was immediately let go from the show the next night. Seriously, people, don’t sing songs on these shows which would be ironic in their titles if you got voted out the next night. It’s TOO easy….

(*) OK, so Grimmie is actually 20 now. Close enough. Kids these days…

Separated at Birth: Adam Levine and David Byrne

Levine has to be a Talking Heads fan, don’tcha think?

Separated at Birth: Adam Levine and David Byrne