VR.5: The Timing Is Perfect…

…for VR.5’s return.

Virtual Reality is all the craze again. And, as this Entertainment Weekly article points out, the show was made to complement “The X-Files.”

Since “The X-Files” is now back, the timing is perfect!

the cast of FOX's VR.5

(Yes, Buffy fans.  That’s Anthony Stewart Head.  His turn on VR.5 is part of what made me watch the Buffy the Vampire Slayer pilot when it aired a couple years later…)

That article I linked to above is from 1995, which explains this paragraph:

VR.5 may have one other thing going for it: Cybermania has been sweeping the nation in the last few years, with trendy coffee shops serving up Internet connections and e-mail addresses popping up everywhere from the White House to your local pizzeria. “I think people are becoming so isolated that they’re turning to their computers for intimacy,” theorizes Singer. “People go on-line and meet other people and play all sorts of games. I heard about a couple who met on-line and got married. It sounds strange, but people are using computers to build a new type of community.”  

We never expected on-line dating services, did we? Or ordering pizzas by emoji over Twitter?  Or Hillary Clinton having her own email server?

Dog Walk

Playing around with some Manga Studio toys and templates… Figured this would be a good time to share one of those conversations I tend to have with my dog from time to time…

dogs pee an awful lot. Humans take pills for that kind of thing.

First thing I’ve learned: a blog design that’s only 600 pixels wide isn’t wide enough. Or my lettering isn’t big enough. It’s probably a bit of both… Maybe look at this on Tumblr for a better view.

X-Files Lighting

At night, looking down a dark street, a streetlamp lights a little of the way.

A week and a half ago, a winter storm dumped two feet of snow in the area.

Warmer temperatures since then have melted most of it away. Yesterday, it rained. And when it stopped, the abrupt change in temperature caused some interesting conditions. We had fog, basically, blowing across the cold snow melting into the warm night.

As I’m walking the dog in one hand and holding a flashlight in the other, I was excited by what these circumstances had given me:

Walking the dog, a strong beam comes out of the flashlight

Look at that shaft of visible light.

It’s X-Files lighting!

Or a light sabre, depending on your fandom.

Additional Items of Dress or Equipment

In looking it up this morning, I discovered there’s a sharp divide in opinion over whether to spell the word “accoutrement” or “accouterment.” As someone who studied French in high school, I’d go for the former. The later looks like something you’d hear on “The Dukes of Hazzard.”

The New York Times’ style guide uses “accouterment.” That looks so wrong to me.

If you want to be more confused, this website says there is a different in meaning between the two spellings that’s the most effective bit of hair splitting I’ve seen so far this year.

I may be the only person I know to ever use the word in his writing, so feel free to ignore me. At your peril.

Firefly Flashback

Not that it took a genius to see it coming or anything, but from the very first month of blogging here:

I like FIREFLY, but I don’t think it’s going to last past its initial half dozen episodes. The ratings are sinking. Another Friday Night At 8 p.m. disaster. Didn’t BRISCO COUNTY/MANTIS/VR.5/HARSH REALM teach FOX anything? (And, yes, I’m sure I’m forgetting another 3 or 4 failures from that time slot.)

Also amusing to see what I thought of the then-new “CSI: Miami” and others…

Grease Live

Grease Live promotional image

That worked out better than anything NBC has put on the air in the last three years.

FOX fixed a number of problems that NBC seems stuck with — too small a stage, no live audience, no ridiculously big name star who stinks in the part (hello, Walken!), and just the look of being a live show.

“Grease Live” had the filmic look and an insane amount of camera wizardry. The way the camera moved around the stages was ridiculously good. It’s amazing that there wasn’t a single slip-up with the cameras that I saw.

I’m glad I was not the one trying to put this production together, because the thought of doing it blows my mind. Moving that many people from stage to stage in such a rigid time schedule cannot be a simple or easy task.

And while some acting was questionable — mostly in the supporting small time characters, honestly — the stars did a great job, particularly with the singing and dancing. That was good stuff.