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24: The Ultimate Jack Bauer Supercut

I have to admit that I never saw seasons 7 and 8 of ’24’. My daughter was two months old when season 7 began. I think that explains what happened there….

It’s on Amazon streaming now. I’m tempted to go back, but then I also have never seen the two seasons of “Daredevil” on Netflix, or a million other things that would take less time to watch. UGH.

We live in a frustrating era of everything being available and no time to consume even a small percentage of it…

But, thanks to YouTube, I can relive a small portion of those glory days when I did…

Here, then, is the Jack Bauer Yelling and Cursing (“Damn it, Chloe!”) supercut. So much awesome, so little time.

“I’m Offended! I’m Just Unsure HOW!”

We live in a day and age of outrage.  Perceived prejudice lives around every corner.

Internet commenters just can’t get enough of it, in particular.  So when the Wall Street Journal published a piece on Yahoo!’s CEO, Marissa Mayer, and the commenters start piling on for her questionable success at the company (to be fair, they ARE selling the company), someone sees something wrong and calls out his/her fellow commenters on it:

WSJ comments on Yahoo!'s Marissa Mayer

Personally, I think if you’re going to find fault with the cis het white women (did I miss anything?) Mayer’s job performance at Yahoo, it would likely be due to reasons of sexism. Maybe misogyny, more specifically.  The frequent references to “that girl” kind of fan those flames…

But, hey, just in case, “something like that” should cover all your other “ism”s nicely.  Don’t leave anyone out!

I have to admit, though, that I did giggle a bit at another commenter who joked (I think) that she had played Diane on “Cheers.”  She’s got the perfect look for that.

Liszt’s Totentanz on Video!

Ten years ago, I discovered and bought a DVD of pianist Valentina Lisitsa performing the etudes of Franz Liszt, my favorite classical composer.

My favorite work of Liszt’s, as I mentioned at the time, is his Totentanz, a dark high energy piece that ranges up and down the keyboard, moves quickly, and then repeats. Love it.

Recently, I rediscovered Lisitsa on YouTube, where she’s kept very busy for the last decade. You don’t need to go to her website anymore to watch WMV files anymore — one autoplays when you load up her website.

But it made me idly look up “Totentanz” again on YouTube. There are two separate performances of the piece by Lisitsa on YouTube. One was at a public piano, and the other was more carefully controlled in a studio environment.

I have to link to them here for posterity.

Skip over to the 7:00 mark to watch the hands fly…

So cool.

And, no, I didn’t go to that concert of hers ten years ago. Pity.

Diabetes Cured! Somehow! Only Type 2!

Here at VariousAndSundry, we scour the web for news of every new cure for diabetes that gets announced, while nobody is ever actually cures.

Today comes news that scientists have once again cured diabetes.

In rats.

With Type 2 diabetes.

But they don’t know how.

Yup, this will go far…

It does all lead to this delightful turn of phrase:

But because scientists already have the protocols and know-how to safely deliver FGF1 to human noggins via intranasal routes, moving toward clinical trials seems like a no brainer, they argue.  

They can insert this into your brain through your nose!  YES!  SIGN ME UP!  Wait, no, I’m Type 1.  Nevermind.


Drawing Abbey Chase for #MerMay

Former Disney animator and current podcaster, Tom Bancroft, came up with the idea of #MerMay, where you draw a mermaid/merman everyday for a month.  You can see his on his Tumblr.

While I’ve been a day or two behind the entire way, I’m doing my best to complete the mission.  I hope to be caught up just in time for the month’s end.

My drawing process is usually that I do a sketch in pencil in my sketchbook, scan that in, and then ink and color it in Clip Studio Paint.  This video (using Screenflow) shows all the digital work for the Abbey Chase mermaid I drew last night, after the scan has been loaded up.

The full video ran 20 minutes, so I sped it up to about two and a half. Here we go:

I know what you’re thinking, and I agree: That gun is awful.

All of my #MerMay drawings can be found on my Instagram page.


Art Versus Artist


The hashtag challenges you to post a picture of yourself surrounded by eight of your drawings. This picture of me is probably 6 years old, but the drawings are all from the last six months or so.

Art versus Artist

Finally, They’ve Restored The Marx Bros.

At least five of the original movies have been digitally cleaned up and, in some cases, with lost or cut footage restored.

I watched a couple of these movies last year and loved them all over again, but wondered why nobody had come in and done a better restoration.  I figured it was a money thing and there wasn’t enough interest in it from studios too busy putting out billion dollar blockbusters.

Thankfully, I was wrong.

There’s no planned Blu-ray release schedule yet, but I’m sure we’ll get one eventually.  I am a patient man.

Schade points out that a print of Animal Crackers was located in the British Film Institute archives, and it contains bits of monkey business that were cut by American censors, including the excised lyric “I think I’ll try and make her” from the song “Hooray for Captain Spaulding,” as well as a bit where Harpo, rolled-up newspaper in hand, plays “slap-ass” with a society dame.

Hello, Nurse!

Update: I first wrote of my excitement about the Marx Bros. movies coming to DVD in 2004 on this very blog.  The money quote from that:

Yes, five others were released years ago, but they received no special attention. There aren’t any special bonus features added to them, the prints weren’t cleaned up at all, and they were released almost like they were public domain films someone was trying to dump.

It only took twelve years (or more)…