Emmys Tonight

Hey gang,

The Emmys don’t start for another six and a half hours, and E! is already broadcasting live from the red carpet. I don’t ever want to hear complaints about the SuperBowl having too much pre-game coverage.

(I laugh about this in particular just after my local newspaper had an article that talked about the lack of coverage and respect the Emmys get. Don’t think poorly of it author, columnist Virginia Rohan, though. She’s gotten an amazing number of things right over the years, including interviewing little ol’ me years ago when I was the “media relations director” of an internet group organized to try to save the TV show VR.5.)

As for the awards tonight, I’m rooting for 24 and ALIAS. Do I think that Kiefer Sutherland and Jennifer Garner are really the best actor and actress on television right now? No, probably not. But they’re two of my favorite series from last season and I want to see them win. The critics have their bets placed on SIX FEET UNDER, it seems. Not having HBO, I can’t judge the show, but it always worries me when one show gets as many nominations as SFU did. My “Root For The Underdog” gene kicks in.

What REALLY disappoints me about the Emmys is that Dr. Cox from SCRUBS didn’t get nominated for anything. To my mind, he’s the funniest character on TV today.

I’m glad to see FRASIER didn’t get it’s usual tidalwave of nominations. This past season was forgettable, and it’s to the point now where I’m not disappointed if I miss an episode. I think the show has, to use the cliche, jumped the shark.



One Response to “Emmys Tonight”

  1. Jonah
    26. September 2002 at 22:13

    Has “jumped the shark” already become cliche?