Latest Pick-Ups

I haven’t watched any of these discs yet, but I felt the need to share, anyway:

MONSTERS INC.: It’s the big release of the week, and Disney found a way to work the numbers to make it the biggest single day release of all time. It’s a terribly cute movie, perfect for the kids. It has some great moments in it. I picked it up at Best Buy this week for $16.99. Can’t beat that for a two disc set with a load of extras on it. There’s a new short cartoon, MIKE’s NEW CAR, a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff for process junkies like myself.

Putting aside the feature, the short cartoon which precedes it, FOR THE BIRDS, is one of the funniest and best directed cartoons in a while. It’s got the insane pacing and comeding timing of all the old Warner Bros. shorts, and deservedly won the Oscar last year for Best Animated Short Film.

Best Buy also has a series of special two-disc sets you can pick up for the extraordinarily low price of $15.99. There aren’t too many winners in there. If you’re a CROW fan, you’ll probably appreciate being able to buy both of those movies together for $16. PHANTOMS and REINDEER GAMES get packaged together for the same price.

The deal that I went for was the John Cusack special, GROSSE POINTE BLANK and HIGH FIDELITY. The latter is a great movie, the former is one I haven’t seen yet, but have had plenty of recommendations for. Plus, there’re lots of 80s references in it from what I hear. It’s right up my alley.

Finally, delivered (for free, no less) my copy of SNL: THE BEST OF STEVE MARTIN. Steve Martin is one of the all-time funniest people alive. He’s probably the best comedian they ever had on SNL, and I don’t think he was ever even a cast member. He was just on so darn much. But the “Theodoric of York” sketches are personal favorites, and when I saw two of them on the DVD, I had to have them.


6 Responses to “Latest Pick-Ups”

  1. Chris Eliopoulos
    23. September 2002 at 08:31

    Hey Aug,

    You found High Fidelity good? It was okay–a bit long and whiny for me. I hate movies where the protagonist is lamenting a bad decision all through a movie and round-aboutly gets his wish over the course of it.

    Jack Black and the other guy made the movie for me. I think you like it because Cusack’s “collector” type is just like you, huh? HUH?

    Grosse Point Blank–not bad. Just not sure what it was trying to be. Dark comedy or a violent movie trying to be funny. My wife loves it…but then again, after “Say Anything” my wife loves ANYTHING with Cusack in it.

    Monsters, inc. A fine movie. I’m liking it more with repeated viewing. The kids love it, though get scared at the beginning. To me, it felt like it was ALMOST there, but didn’t quite click. The best scene was an homage. Sully getting sick to his stomach watching what he thinks is Boo getting smushed. Can’t remember where they stole it from.

    Sappy movie I just purchased that I enjoyed–The Rookie. Any movie where the main character has issues with his father who isn’t never proud of him. I need to do a book that covers that subject. I think most guys can relate.

    Geez, whose blog is this anyway?


  2. Augie De Blieck Jr.
    23. September 2002 at 10:40

    Hey Chris,

    Post as much as you’d like. Heck, keep this up and I’ll give you full admin rights. ;-)

    MONSTERS INC. is a great movie for the kiddies. Didn’t think of them getting scared at the beginning, though. Of course, since you had those twins you’ve gotten sappier and less forgiving in your movie choices. It can’t be helped. You’re a daddy now. I see it happening to others around me, too.

    I liked HIGH FIDELITY, in part because of the collectors aspect, and in part because I’m a whiney lonely geek, myself.

    Haven’t seen SAY ANYTHING, but I haven’t heard too many bad things about it, either.

    I hear Netflix has a mail drop off now on the East Coast. If that’s the case, I may have to consider renting again so I can start seeing some of these movies I don’t feel like paying $20 for…

    You’re liking THE ROOKIE, eh? I’ve never seen it, but heard enough negative reviews to stay away from it. And we both know that reviewers are always right. =)


  3. Chris Eliopoulos
    23. September 2002 at 17:37

    Speaking of Elen D. up there, she’s a voice on the trailer to Pixar’s new film. Pretty funny. It’s strange–she sounds neither like a man or a woman, just this goofy kid character.


  4. Augie De Blieck Jr.
    24. September 2002 at 12:16

    And Anne Heche is married to a man and is either pregnant or has already given birth.

    What a weird strange world he live in. I’ve got to put up the story on Melanie Griffith now. Excuse me.


  5. LetterpunK
    25. September 2002 at 04:39

    Steve Martin Rules!!!
    There was talk of making him “permanent host” back in the day of 70′s SNL.
    I still listen to his stand-up albums.
    (yes… albums.)

    Take care.

  6. Frankklin Harris
    3. October 2002 at 07:53

    Does that Steve Martin DVD include the “Hey, it’s me watching me watching me!” song?