Emmys question

Did anyone catch Ellen DeGeneris on the Emmys telecast last night? Let’s take bets: Was she drunk, high, or a mix of both? She had to have been stoned, right? She rambled nearly incoherently for thirty seconds before the director cut her off.

I haven’t seen one word written about this yet on any of the web sites. Is there an explanation, or is it just being brushed under the carpet? If you see anything on the web about it, could you please post it in the comments section here? Thanks much.


5 Responses to “Emmys question”

  1. Noel Murray
    23. September 2002 at 15:29

    The Ellen DeGeneres thing was an intentional joke. She was making fun of her digressive comic style; she set it up by saying they sent her out and asked her to “do her thing … in 30 seconds,” so the joke was essentially how it was impossible for her to do that. The cut-off was part of the joke.

    Granted, it wasn’t the clearest or funniest gag in the world (it would’ve worked better if she had still been telling the story after the list of nominees was read), but that’s why there’s been no comment anywhere. There’s nothing to comment on, really.

  2. Stan
    23. September 2002 at 16:08

    I agree, Ellen’s bit was so obviously a joke. That’s her style.

  3. Brian
    24. September 2002 at 07:21

    I agree that the cut off was part of the joke and I got a chuckle when they did it.

  4. Augie De Blieck Jr.
    24. September 2002 at 12:12

    Ah, thanks, everyone. That makes much more sense — I just don’t find her funny. At least she wasn’t high.

    Oh, but I’ve got another story lined up about celebrities getting high that I’m debating putting up here… Look for that update later.


  5. Stuart
    26. September 2002 at 20:18

    Did any of you see the fight going on during the awards?? It was on a “chat” program down here in Australia called “The Panel”. Not sure what award it was, but as they panned over the audience, in the aisles there were two guys laying into each other. Any news in the press in the US??