Netflix question

Anyone around here use Netflix these days? I’ve used it a couple different times in my life, but always dropped it because the mail-in turnaround took too long. Mailing a DVD to California and waiting for a new disc to come back took too long.

Someone told me that they have a mail-in center located on the East Coast now, which would greatly reduce all the shipping time and possibly make the subscription service attractive to me once again.

Can anyone confirm this? Anyone still using it?


8 Responses to “Netflix question”

  1. John
    23. September 2002 at 16:57

    I use it, and I believe I remember seeing a NY Address. Discs come pretty quickly.

  2. CP
    24. September 2002 at 07:30

    My friend in the Wash. DC area uses NetFlix and loves it. He said there’s a warehouse in suburban MD and he gets his movies in a day or two.

  3. Augie De Blieck Jr.
    24. September 2002 at 12:13

    Hmm, very nice. Thanks for the update, guys. Sounds like there’s at least one east coast distribution point. It might be time to investigate the situation further.


  4. Joseph J. Finn
    24. September 2002 at 13:19

    Lately the deliveries and returns here in Chicago have been going much more quickly.

  5. Dizzy Cordoza
    24. September 2002 at 16:32

    There’s a Netflix distribution center in Worcester, Massachusetts, too. I now get movies in 2 to 3 days; I used to have to wait 4 to 5 days.

  6. pmpknface
    26. September 2002 at 15:57

    I live in Boston, and never had more than a 4 day turnaround. Great system! I dig it!

  7. Jason
    27. September 2002 at 15:50

    Back in the beginning, Netflix was the greatest thing out there.

    Then they got too big and service started to get pretty horrible. I cancelled.

    However, a few months ago, Netflix opened a distribution center here in Tacoma and now if I mail a movie back on Monday, I have a new one at home on Wednesday. (Yes, I signed up again – had to give them a shot.)

    Of course, anything is better than Blockbuster . . .

  8. Bo
    20. November 2002 at 16:49

    The new centers are located in Atlanta, Boston, Denver, Detroit, Houston, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York, Seattle and Washington, D.C. Previously, all movies were shipped from Netflix’s main distribution facility in San Jose, Calif.