Viral Wireless? The lilypad solution

Stolen from Slashdot is this link about wireless communications forming a viral worldwide network that could fly beneath the radar of the telephone companies and without any of the hassles of other spectral broadcasts. Pretty cool concept.


2 Responses to “Viral Wireless? The lilypad solution”

  1. coral
    24. September 2002 at 07:10

    I think the main problem with the wireless network is the fact that is mainly an rich/middle-class urban phenomenon. One of the main reasons telephone companies have such huge exclusive deals is the deal with the government to bring access to everyone. Also, what happens when you move into the business districts? Not saying the idea isn’t great, just it has quite a few more obstacles then the author of the story thinks.

  2. Jonah
    26. September 2002 at 20:49

    Well I can tell you that my next door neighbor is using my wireless network and hasn’t paid for DSL in 2 years. Gotta love sticking it to the man!

    Of course I’m still paying for DSL. Hrmmm …