Celebrity insanity and weirdness

It might be time for a license to bring up children. Melanie Griffith is the latest Hollywood dingbat without a clue. Click on the link to see why. I don’t know whether to laugh or just shake my head at this one.

And Angeline Jolie gets even weirder in this story from — of all places — the Hindustan Times. It seems her stunt double for TOMB RAIDER 2 is a man.


2 Responses to “Celebrity insanity and weirdness”

  1. Joseph J. Finn
    24. September 2002 at 13:26

    Ever looked at Melanie Griffith’s website? It’s a truly high level of New Age weirdness. I wonder if Banderas looks at it and just slowly shakes his head…

  2. Augie De Blieck Jr.
    25. September 2002 at 16:51

    A Melanie Griffith web page. What a scary thought. Does she share the secret of her big lips with you on the site? ;-)

    You have to treat yourself to Halle Berry’s web site, though, where you can watch small Quicktime movies of her doing her workout routine. The background music sounds like a porn soundtrack. Very conflicting messages there…