Sundry Thought #2

This is probably one of those stupid guy questions, but what the heck.

What makes it so comfortable for a woman to walk with her arms folded in front of her? I’ve never seen a guy do it. Is it anatomical: Does it prevent extra bouncing or something? It seems to be the skinnier women I see doing it more often than not, but I’m not sure if that has any impact on this. When I walk in a straight line, I swing my arms at my side, or stick them in my pockets or something. Granted, women often wear clothes that don’t have those convenient pockets to them and, to be quite honest, they’re also the first to get cold. Maybe it’s a warmth thing?

I’m curious. No, it doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things one bit. It’s just one of those things I’ve noticed. Anyone have a clue?

Curiously yours,


5 Responses to “Sundry Thought #2”

  1. Jason
    27. September 2002 at 15:59

    I asked one of the ladies I work with –

    Crossing of the arms is probably her body language saying she’s not comfortable in that particular location or with that particular person.

    And also, it looks a lot better than the T-Rex thing a lot of women do.

    What’s the T-Rex thing? T-Rex have short useless arms – imagine a woman folding her arms at the elbo so her hands are the level as her shoulders and walking around that.

  2. Augie De Blieck Jr.
    27. September 2002 at 23:20

    Hi Jason,

    But what about when they’re just walking down the street and not talking or dealing with anyone?!?

    And I know just what you’re talking about with the T. Rex thing. You see it sometimes on a magazine cover or photospread in a celebrity magazine sometimes… Couldn’t imagine walking like that…

    Thanks for doing some polling,

  3. coral
    28. September 2002 at 05:58

    I usually do it if I am thinking of something and don’t feel like talking. Kind of a “not talking” sign. So, not actively seeing there surroundings as hostile, just not interested in dealing with them just then.

  4. Jason
    1. October 2002 at 18:21

    I’m glad someone else has noticed the T. Rex walk.

    Maybe the woman got stabbed and is walking with her arms crossed to keep her insides from spilling out (ala Empire Strikes Back?)

  5. CharlieClemson
    25. November 2002 at 11:44

    I’ve heard that women who cross their arms a lot are uncomfortable with their breast size. Either too large or too small. I read it on Pop Up Video, so it must be true.