Beat the Geeks Random Thought

Why do the contestants get all pissy when the Geeks put them down? Don’t they KNOW that it’s going to happen? Don’t they know that it’s all part of the schtick (sp?) for the Geek to make a crack at their expense? Don’t they watch the show before they appear on it as a contestant?

Or is it that they’re so egotistical that they want to get their full 15 minutes and get as much face time as possible? The only time it ever worked was when the TV Geek early in the first season said the contestant who had just challenged him looked like Pacey from Dawson’s Creek. Those two went back and forth for a minute and it was hilarious.

Everyone else? Just sad.

I hate people.


One Response to “Beat the Geeks Random Thought”

  1. LetterpunK
    4. October 2002 at 04:29
    Yeah… that is annoying…

    The people who try to “come back” at the Geeks should just not even try.

    But, another thing that bugs me is when it’s obvious that a Geek “misses” a question…
    They expound all this arcane knowledge… like knowing what kind of light bulbs were used to accent the set of A Streetcar Named Desire…etc…
    then, they miss something like – “Who played the loveable neighbors on Who’s The Boss..?”

    I saw Paul, the TV Geek, at Wizard World – Chicago, and during the panel he was asked a question which he had been given on the actual show ( I don’t recall if he missed it, or answered correctly)… and he gave almost the same response as the one he gave on the show… which had no doubt been taped weeks earlier.
    Come to think of it, he probably DID get it wrong… TWICE…!
    Otherwise, I probably wouldn’t have filed it in MY vast array of “useless trivia about anything that doesn’t help me get a better job”.

    So… I guess what I’m trying to relay is…

    I’d really like to be on Beat The Geeks.