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Doctor Cox

I think SCRUBS might just be my favorite sit-com out there right now. It’s a toned down live action Simpsons show without the satire. It’s just goofy, inventive, and fun. Most of all — it’s one of those rare sit-coms that make you pay attention to it and keep both eyes glued to the screen. There’s always more to the humor than the simple barbs back and forth. It’s the style that sells it.

Because we all know how little we need another doctor series on television.

And Doctor Cox is the best comedic character on TV and deserves the Emmy. I wish I could vote.

* * *

TLC is now showing the ninth British season of JUNKYARD WARS. (Or, if you prefer, “Scrapheap Challenge.”) Like the American edition, Cathy Rogers has stepped down and the new host of the show shares the same last name. Anyone know if they’re sisters? It’s only a little distracting that the new host (or, if you prefer, “presenter”) has a striking resemblance to Hillary Clinton.

The first episode involved building a mud racer. The outstanding thing about it was that both teams built inventive machines that required more work than they should have tried to do — and they both worked! There wasn’t a sudden breakdown at the start of the first heat. Both machines worked and made for an exciting finish. Too many recent episodes have ended with one team or the other completely unable to get their machine working.

* * *

Cathy Rogers, in the meantime, shows up in her new series, FULL METAL CHALLENGE, with co-host Henry Rollins. It’s a fun little show, but it needs a couple more episodes to work out its pacing issues and some of its presenting quirks. I’m not sure we need the camera doing constant 360 degree turns as the host presents the next competition, for example.

* * *

I wish some station would start airing CONNECTIONS again. What a great show that was…

* * *

I finally saw the first two episodes of BIRDS OF PREY this week and found myself liking them more than I thought I was going to. A full explanation of that will come in Pipeline next week. I think it’ll be Friday’s column. (That’s November 1, already. Wow)

* * *

This week’s DREW CAREY SHOW was amongst it best. The twist of fate that Drew’s latest date throws him had me in tears. I can only imagine how many puns they came up with for the episode but couldn’t use because of network censors. (C’mon, someone had to have a “bury your nuts for the winter” line ready…)

* * *

BOSTON PUBLIC came out of the gates running again this season. We’ll have to wait to see how far they go this year and how unbelievable it gets before they pull back. They did a good job of it last season with a sterling episode of all the teachers at a party just talking for the hour. Brilliant stuff.


4 Responses to “Misc. TV Thoughts”

  1. John
    25. October 2002 at 11:07

    I don’t know if David kelley wrote that episode of Boston Public or not, but it reminded me of one of the best two episodes of his underrated Chicago Hope, in which the doctors were quarantined in a room together – most of the episode was just them forced to relate. Very similar.

    (Any hope of getting Chicago Hope on DVD you think?)


  2. Augie De Blieck Jr.
    25. October 2002 at 12:26

    Hey John — I wouldn’t hold my breath for Chicago Hope. On the other hand, DVD Journal just released a list of other TV series coming to DVD soon, including THE GOLDEN GIRLS. (And it looks like THE YOUNG INDIANA JONES CHRONICLES will be out before the movies make it to DVD. ::sigh::)

    So I wouldn’t discount anything just yet.


  3. John
    25. October 2002 at 16:55

    Yeah – I just keep hoping that it’s got enough of a “cult” following to get released eventually. Oh well – I’ve got ONCE AND AGAIN coming this month, which is extremely call.


  4. pmpknface
    28. October 2002 at 15:37

    Scrubs is fantastic! It is one of the rare birds that survived being on NBC’s Tuesday night lineup as a rookie before getting put perminatly on Thursday where it belongs.

    Boston Public is losing it’s appeal for me. I’ll give it a few more chances, but I can feel it on it’s way out if it doesn’t pick up.