Jim Steinman’s Dance of the Vampires

Jim Steinman fans take note: His latest work, a musical featuring Broadway star Michael Crawford, is in the preview stage in NYC right now. Entitled “Dance of the Vampires,” it would seem to be the kind of thing he’d be perfect for. The good news is that demos of the music can be found in MP3 form on the official site for the show. Yes, the site looks painfully amateurish. But when you click on the “music” link, there’s a ton of music to listen to. (Since this is Steinman we’re talking about, there is no such thing as a song less than 6 minutes. ;-)

Steinman has reworked “Total Eclipse of the Heart” into a vampire love ballad. It sounds wonderfully wacky.

Special thanks to the gang over at Peter David’s blog for the heads up, the early review, and the links.

Now if only the next Meat Loaf album would come out sometime soon…


6 Responses to “Jim Steinman’s Dance of the Vampires”

  1. BronteJD
    27. October 2002 at 21:41

    Hey there, Augie!
    As coincidence would have it, Decarabas and I just got back from New York, where we saw a preview performance of Dance of the Vampires. It was….different. I haven’t read Peter David’s review yet, but I can say that it is a show that definitely needs to make up its mind as to what it wants to be. The first act was a straight-on parody of the horror genre and cliches, as well as musicals in general. The second act was REALLY different, played like a straight-on gothic musical. I enjoyed it, but I see definite problems, and I’m fairly sure the critics are going to rip it up one side and down the other when it officially opens. The dance numbers were really neat, but again, somewhat chaotic. I’ll definitely take a look at Peter David’s review and check back.

  2. Augie De Blieck Jr.
    28. October 2002 at 12:39

    You two were up here and you didn’t call? Didn’t write? Wah!

    But that’s OK; I think you’ll agree with a lot of what PAD has to say, actually. Having listened to some of the MP3 demos, I’d also agree with PAD that the music is fairly forgettable, save the rewrite of Total Eclipse of the Heart. There’s one Meat Loaf song rewritten, too, that’s fairly cumbersome. I can’t remember which one, though. Rock and Roll Dreams Come True, mayhaps?

    I want to like this so much, but I fear it. I suppose the best thing to do would be to wait for the official cast recording in the spring before passing final judgment.

    -Augie, writing far too much about Broadway lately

  3. John
    28. October 2002 at 13:46

    There is no such thing as writing too much about Broadway. ;) That said, I have to say that Jim Steinman’s abilities as a composer make Andrew Lloyd Weber sound like the second coming of Beethoven. And am I the only one who completely doesn’t get the appeal of Michael Crawford? I mean, the man can’t sing.

    Ah well – the Mandy Patinkin Sondheim album comes out tomorrow, and that should keep this musical theater freak happy for a while.


  4. BronteJD
    28. October 2002 at 16:31

    Eepers. Sorry, Augie!! We honestly
    didn’t want to intrude – it’s kind
    of why we asked if anyone on Pipeline
    was heading to the Baltimore ComiCon. :)

    I need to process the musical a bit
    more, believe it or not, in order to
    finalize whether or not I actually
    would recommend it to anyone. As I
    said, I definitely enjoyed it, but I’m
    so much of a musical junkie that I can
    find something to recommend in pretty
    much anything. :)

    On a related note, if you like Les Miserables,
    now is DEFINITELY the time to go see it.
    It’s closing in March, and through December
    15 or so, all orchestra seats are down to
    like 45 dollars. A NICE discount from the
    regular $100.00.

    And I’m going to remain silent on the
    Andrew Lloyd Webber issue. ;)

  5. Augie De Blieck Jr.
    29. October 2002 at 08:36

    Hey Bronte –>

    Don’t sweat it; I’m just busting. But if you and the Mr. plan on being in the NYC area again anytime soon and have time for lunch or something, feel free to drop a line.

    I’m not a musical junkie, but I’m starting to like the more and more, which kind of scares me… Looks like all that Disney movie training is finally blossoming ten years after I stopped watching them.


  6. BronteJD
    29. October 2002 at 11:14

    ::rubs hands together evilly:: Liking musicals, are you??? :) Let me know what you like, and I’m fairly sure I can fully swing you over to being a true Fan. ;)

    And we will probably both be up in the NYC area next year at some point, although not sure entirely when. I’m trying to change jobs, so I’m fairly certain that will affect vaca flexibility. :)