24 Begins Anew (Spoilers)

(While my comic book column avoids spoilers nearly like the plague, I’m not going to do that here as much. I will, however set the spoiler flag flying in the title of entries where I plan on discussing specific story points.)

24 is back. It was the best drama on television last year, even with the sag after the middle. It’s dramatic, it’s inventive, it’s “off-format” for the rest of television. It’s just what TV needs. You don’t need swear words and nudity to make a television show as critically acclaimed as one of those cable dramas. (THE SHIELD is my favorite there.)

For the rest of the television season, 9 – 10 p.m. Tuesdays will be the hour where the phones are shut off, the doors are locked, and the outside world ceases to exist.

24 Season Two starts off with a bigger bang than last season, and sets the wheels in motion for plenty of adventure and drama for the next few episodes.

It’s been a year. Senator Palmer is now President Palmer. He’s now being a wuss about responding to potential foreign threats (and is opposed by the cliche loose-cannon military hawk TV character), and is already refusing to concentrate on saving the west coast so he can give a speech on clean air at 8 p.m. But, Mr. President — what kind of clean air policy is it to have a nuke go off in L.A.?!?

Jack is brought back into action after spending a year turning into a man from the mountains, but he falls right back in line pretty easily. His gunshot at CTU is the single greatest moment on television this season thus far. I know it’s probably wildly inappropriately, but I couldn’t stop laughing at it. Amongst the other questions left up in the air by this is what Jack needed the hacksaw for. He looked behind the guy’s ear before he asked for it, so maybe there’s an implant there? Or was he cutting a ring off the guy’ finger or what?

With the President in the Northwest and Jack in L.A., does this mean we won’t see them together in the same room this year? Drat.

Jack’s daughter, on the other hand, is involved in a Lifetime Halloween Movie Of The Week, complete with Women In Danger and Child In Danger. It’s a two-fer! It wouldn’t be so bad if the whole thing didn’t happen so fast and suddenly, and the abusive husband didn’t seem like such a cartoon character right away. Hasn’t she been the nanny there for longer than a day? Hasn’t he hit his wife before? The child has heard it, but has he really been so good about it lately? I don’t know. The coming attractions for next week move the storyline ahead pretty quickly, too, on this count, but it adds up right now to being the potential weak spot in the series. It’s early yet.

Meanwhile, a potential terrorist is getting ready for his wedding, soon to marry a women with shockingly blonde hair, whose sister is likewise equipped with fairly white straight blonde hair. This isn’t to be confused with the abused wife in the other subplot, who has bleach-bottle blonde hair, or her nanny (Jack’s daughter), whose hair is blonder and longer this year than it was in the last.

Maybe the abused wife is related to the bride to be somehow? Nah, she doesn’t seem to be getting ready for a wedding that day, at all, and the present was for some assistant at the husband’s job.

Sara Gilbert threw me off a little bit. For starters, her hair is curly and not blonde. ;-) One of the nice things about the series last year was that Kiefer Sutherland was the only actor whose name I knew for the first 2/3 of the season, before they brought in the special guest stars. It meant that you weren’t distracted by the actors or their previous roles. I’m afraid Gilbert distracted me a little that way, but at least her character has a personality, even if it is the over-eager assistant who freezes under pressure.

Despite some of my sarcastic remarks above, though, I really liked the episode. It’s getting off to a faster start than last year’s. Can’t wait to see more.


4 Responses to “24 Begins Anew (Spoilers)”

  1. James Dracoules
    1. November 2002 at 09:40

    Jack did say something to Kim along the lines of “I know you just started this job” so there’s the very distinct possibility that this was the first time she’d been confronted with the husband’s abuse.

  2. Augie De Blieck Jr.
    1. November 2002 at 11:19

    Ah, thanks. That might explain it a little better. I just hope they don’t make this guy out to be a cartoon-like threat. The coming attractions didn’t help any. (For starters, how seriously do you take a guy’s threat to kill you when you can run over him in the SUV you’re driving at the moment? Of course, he seemed to be holding up keys, so maybe she just locked herself in or something. I don’t know. Wait and see….)

    Now, James, where do I recognize your name from? CompuServe Comics/Animation Forum, is it?


  3. James Dracoules
    5. November 2002 at 08:08

    That would be it–the not quite late but no longer great Compuserve.

  4. Augie De Blieck Jr.
    5. November 2002 at 09:48

    Hi James,

    Well, welcome aboard and don’t be a stranger. =) If you want to talk comics, there’s always the Pipeline message board, too.

    I can still picture your name in the blue and white screen of the legendary TapCIS program. ;-)