New TWO TOWERS trailer

She’s a beauty. I’m excited about this:


5 Responses to “New TWO TOWERS trailer”

  1. San
    25. November 2002 at 06:24

    Heh, when I reinstalled win2K I didn’t install Quicktime with it…and I don’t want to be spoiled. I guess I’ll just wait till December 18th :)

  2. BronteJD
    25. November 2002 at 12:08

    I can’t download from work, but I’ll gladly wait for my little dial-up to download it tonight if you can answer one question: Any Legolas shots in it?? [grinning]

  3. Augie De Blieck Jr.
    25. November 2002 at 14:32

    Yes, Legolas is present in the trailer. His Hong Kong cinema move sliding down the stairs is in there and everything. =)


  4. BronteJD
    25. November 2002 at 17:46

    Coolness. Yay. I’ll download tonight while doing homework. [grin] Hey, I have to find something to do along with the homework. And besides, who says that the sliding down the stair scene is what I wanted to see? How do you know this????

  5. San
    25. November 2002 at 18:39

    Um…bit knowledge of you + Legolas + impressive Legolas move = you’ll want to see this? :P