Twilight Zone on DVD

This gets the award for most awe-inspiring DVD boxed set yet.

THE TWILIGHT ZONE GOLD COLLECTION is made up of 49 discs, collecting all five seasons (156 episodes) of Rod Serling’s seminal science fiction series in chronological order. 5 of those discs are bonus materials.

The only catch is that the cost is $400 and you have to order it through Another Universe, who are famous for making a royal muck-up of MY SO CALLED LIFE.

It’s an impressive-sounding set, though. If I win the lottery this week, I’m buying one.


2 Responses to “Twilight Zone on DVD”

  1. San
    25. November 2002 at 06:25

    No, if you win the lotterly, you’d invite the Pipeline Bunch! Traitor! :P

  2. Augie De Blieck Jr.
    25. November 2002 at 10:09

    Oh, I’d do that, too. But the DVDs would come first. It’s less of a logistical nightmare. =)