BMW Films

TiVo was kind enough to automatically download a recent BMW Film, “Ticker,” directed by Joe Carnahan. It was an amazing eight and a half minute short film. Yes, it’s a commercial for BMW, but you barely notice it. The story is just that fast and the car races are just that cool. The QuickTime compression in the format I watched is excellent. There are hardly any blurs or holds or pixellation present. It preserves the film look perfectly.

So I visited the web site tonight and downloaded John Woo’s film, “Hostage.” It’s got all the classic Woo moments in there, complete with a soundtrack that fits. It’s a bit less dramatic than Carnahan’s, but there’s a certain sense of humor to it that’s inviting.

I can’t wait to download the others to look at. These are not short downloads. I’d recommend them for broadband connections only. The Woo film has an optional 100 MB download that includes a commentary track from Woo, who you have to listen to very carefully.

I hope that after this round of films is over, they consider putting together a DVD for all of them. I know that they were giving away the first set of films on a DVD to those who test drove a BMW or answered some sort of telephone survey. These are good enough to pay money for without any of that rigamarole.


2 Responses to “BMW Films”

  1. gren99
    3. December 2002 at 23:23

    BMW released the first 5 as a DVD, but with a catch — you had to email BMW and ask for it. i read a thread somewhere on how exactly to go about this (basically say stuff like ‘i’m a potential customer and want to show these to my friends on my big screen TV’ — i.e. ‘i’m rich! show me some love!’) and they sent me a DVD of the first season, which is very, very cool.

    you can also check ebay for these discs, because BMW handed them out as freebies at the US Formula 1 Grand Prix in 2001 and folks wasted no time turning them around for cash.

  2. Augie De Blieck Jr.
    4. December 2002 at 14:52

    And they are, indeed, going for upwards of $50.

    I like them, but not that much, thanks.

    Thanks for pointing it out, there. It’s always interesting to see what’s on eBay…