FOX shifts its schedule

AMERICAN IDOL returns on January 21 and 22nd, necessitating all sorts of new schedules. The regular Tuesday schedule will be AMERICAN IDOL followed by 24. Things get moved around a lot, including FASTLANE to Friday, and this little note:

“(EDITOR’S NOTE: FIREFLY will be on hiatus, returning to the schedule at a later date.)”

I’m not sure if this means that FOX doesn’t care at all what happens with the ratings in December and they plan on burning off whatever they have left after all their good stuff airs, or if they ordered those couple extra episodes so that they could put together a decent run of episodes in the spring again.

Pardon me whie I scratch my head…


One Response to “FOX shifts its schedule”

  1. kev
    21. January 2003 at 18:10

    shit man i think that it is stupid that they moved fastlane to fridays and put on american idol instead. who the hell watches american idol.