I’d like to see them prove this

Since there have been studies that show people who download music off the internet are more likely to buy more music, I’d love to see this claim proven:

“Specialty retail chain Wherehouse Entertainment has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, citing intense price competition in its core music lines and music downloading as reasons for its poor sales.”

Cowards. They can’t compete with the BestBuys of the world, so they try to throw in a little “music downloading” crap to muddy the waters and make themselves look like the victims. Pitiful.


2 Responses to “I’d like to see them prove this”

  1. John
    28. January 2003 at 11:28

    For whatever it’s worth, “studies” notwithstanding, I am very dubious that downloading has led to more CDs being purchased.

  2. sTIG
    29. January 2003 at 21:34

    My local music dealer (it’s a big shop) says net music actually has increased consumer interest in music. Then he slapped the record companies because he was able to buy CDs at an ever bigger shop downtown much cheaper than ordering from the record companies.