2 thoughts on “American Lit with Mary Kate and Ashley?

  1. Augie:

    As you may know, in my conversations and writings, I’ve long poked fun at the Olsen Twins. Throughout the most of ninties, in fact.

    Most recently, they were jokingly referenced in my latest Letter of Comment to the SAVAGE DRAGON comic book (…I qualify that for those readers who might not know our mutual letterhacking history — and great affection for Erik Larsen’s enduring comic book series).

    NOW… after seeing the photo… I’ll never make fun of them again! Talk about having the “ultimate last laugh”!

  2. Hey Joe,

    And they’ll be legal in another year or two! It’ll be a feeding frenzy at whatever school they wind up at.

    In the meantime, they announced plans for their own perfume this week. It’ll probably net them another $100 million or so. heh I love capitalism. =)


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