Dawson’s Creek couldn’t get any worse

I have to rant. I just watched the most recent two episodes of DAWSON’S CREEK tonight. There are now only ten episodes to go in the series before the mercy kill takes it out of all our miseries. It’s painful to watch. It’s a melodramatic soap opera written in cliche by committee with less intelligence than an episode of MELROSE PLACE. The problems range from the mundane to the important:

* What is with Michele Williams’ new haircut? We don’t need to see that much of her forehead.
* Are we supposed to believe the whole Joey Potter/Eddie Dolan romance, let alone feel awash in their glow as they kissed in the end of the most recent episode?
* Why do all of the characters refer to each other by both their first and last names?
* The show is lost. Splitting up the characters across two sides of the country may have been necessary for Dawson’s career path, but it’s proved fatal to the show. The show is made up of the interactions between all these main characters. Instead, we now have a series with six stars acting on different shows. It’s an anthology series, with six horrible plots.
* The dialogue is trite, cliched, hackneyed, banal, and sounds like the stuff a swooning 16 year old girl with a first grade reading level might write in her personal journal, decorated with stickers of her favorite band.
* What is with all the bands in the show? Why do we continually need to have a main character singing in a band?
* Dawson is now a grinning sexaholic doof.
* Is Jack still even on the series? Remember when he and Jennifer had that great friendship? It’s gone.
* Jennifer is still drifting along, looking to be any semblance of her former self, or even to develop a character.
* Joey is left to scrunch her eyebrows up to look serious and confrontational at every other moment in the scripts.
* Pacey is adrift on a ludicrous career path that just steals scenes from Wall Street-oriented movies to sound more intelligent than the current crop of writers are capable of being.

I don’t care about these characters anymore. Last season was a little shakey, but I still cared. When the series ends in 10 episodes, I have no confidence that they’ll do it right. However the relationship between Joey and Dawson ends in the series, it’ll be just as cock-eyed as everything else they’ve written into the scripts this season. That’s a shame.

The first season comes out in DVD in April. It’ll probably be too late for the show to save itself by then, but I’ll be happy to see the good days, when there were intelligent teenagers discussing introspective and high-minded philosophies. Anything is better than the weak-knee’ed illiterate morons the cast of characters has become. I can’t believe any of the actors on the show can possibly be happy with what they’re doing right now. It’s awful.

Good-bye and good riddance to the Creek.

I feel better now.

[Edited due to B2’s inability to do a bullet point list properly without deleting text afterwards. UGH]

10 thoughts on “Dawson’s Creek couldn’t get any worse

  1. Wow. I feel better not having watched much of the show this season after having read that, Augie. I was a die-hard DC fan when the show started, and for various seasons after that. But I started drifting a little bit (not much) when they hit college. But then the whole thing started to go down the tubes for me when Joey had the affair with her teacher, and when they kept coming up with all of these faux-reasons to keep Dawson and Joey apart, mainly including both of them not talking like reasonable people, and engaging in that horrible dialogue that you so eloquently described. :) I almost started watching the series this season, but didn’t. I’m glad now. I can remember fondly the first few seasons. :)

  2. The first few seasons were brilliant. The past few seasons have been horseshit. I too have hated the way they have forcefully kept Dawson and Joey apart. I hope it doesn’t end like the Wonder Years.

    Since they are already in idiotic script mode, it wouldn’t seem that bad to at least finish it with Joey and Dawson getting together.

  3. Yes, Dawson and Joey should end the series together. The problem is that the writers have brought them together and ripped them apart so often with so many stupid reasons that it can never truly be believable. We’ll just be waiting for the other shoe to drop. There won’t be any finality to it at all.

    The series has made its missteps in the past, to be sure. The whole Eve storyline was a mistake, for example, but the long term damage done in the last couple of years is irreparable.

    Too bad Kevin Williamson left so early (to do other failed dramas).


  4. Maybe I’ll go back and watch it after it’s all over. If they end up together, I’ll watch. :) Although you’re right – if they kept splitting up for all these other ridiculous reasons, what faith are we going to have that they’re capable of handling a long-term relationship?

    The Dawson and Joey of the first two seasons might have made it, if they were allowed to mature naturally, in keeping with the way their personalities were set up. But with everything that’s happened and the way their personalities have been shoehorned and tugged into these ridiculous places just so there could be the “dramatic conflict”? They don’t seem to stand much of a chance, unfortunately….

  5. Wow, I just realized that a couple lines of text from this entry have gone missing somewhere. There was a coherent ending to that last bullet point, and the paragraph after it had more to start it. Crap.

    But you’re right, Bronte. They’ve been so busy crafting the Joey/Dawson relationship in ways that make no sense for the sake of killing time and seasons that I don’t think a good ending is possible. I think Katie Holmes once said that she hoped the series ended wth Joey slapping Dawson, calling him a psycho stalker, and running away. heh

  6. I really think Dawson and Joey are ment for eachother! if it doesnt end like that…then wow that show is gonna be gay!

  7. Hi Jessica,

    I watched the first few minutes of the pilot episode the other day. I’m getting a sinking feeling that the writers are looking back to the early Dawson speech about how Dawson and Joey will ALWAYS be best friends. I think they might go with Pacey and Joey getting married, with Dawson as their best friend “forever.”

    I hate that idea, too, but they can say it makes a certain amount of sense. ::sigh::


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