Grammys: Hour One

I haven’t watched anything past the first hour of last night’s Grammys yet. TiVo took the rest. But some initial impressions:

* Was John Meyer stoned or something? I’ve never seen a person look so awkward while performing a song, and his acceptance speech right after that was a rambling and incoherent mess. Maybe it reads as “deep” on paper, but watching him was another thing all together. I heard his performance on the radio this morning, and it didn’t sound quite so bad as I remembered it last night. Ah, the power of video. Still, he was eating all his words as he sang them. Weird.

* Everyone’s talking about how off-key Vanesse Carlton was. I didn’t hear it, but that’s probably because the mix on the music seemed off at that point, and I’m a piano fanboy: I just kept waiting for the piano riffs and kept my eyes and ears tuned for those. Didn’t listen much to her singing. I’ll have to rewatch it later to hear that.

* Simon and Garfunkel harmonized once or twice. The rest of the time they looks horribly uncomfortable standing that close to each other, and they obviously need more practice if they’re going to be singing together. They sung all over each other. Ack

* I did catch part of Avril Lavigne’s performance in the second hour. I love her album. Live, though, she needs work. She might just be one of those people who needs to be produced to sound good. What a shame.

* No Doubt started off good, but then they went up-tempo, Gwen Stefani ripped off her jacket, and things went down hill. We do, however, now have proof that Stefani has not had a boob job.

* Good for Norah Jones.

* People who wear micro-skirts shouldn’t bow their legs while singing, spread their feet, and bend back during high notes. Are you listening, Faith Hill?

* Dustin Hoffman: Is he always acting, or is he just that insufferable normally?

* Kim Catrell and P. Diddy: I got the joke the first time, guys. No need to repeat it twice.

* The old “if you perform, you win right afterwards” thing certainly went 3/3 in the first hour, didn’t it?


2 Responses to “Grammys: Hour One”

  1. cal
    24. February 2003 at 18:51

    I was watching the OZ finale, but the sports guy filled me in on the good stuff. Great read.

  2. Augie De Blieck Jr.
    25. February 2003 at 00:15

    Thanks for the link, Cal. That’s too incredibly funny. I only read it through to the part where ALIAS came on and I switched channels. As I play catch up with the TiVo, I’ll read through the rest. Thanks again.