The Grammys, Part 2

I watched the 9 p.m. to 10:30 section of The Grammys last night throught the wonder of TiVo. More random thoughts:

* I love Avril Lavigne’s album. I think she’s a lot of fun to watch on stage. I’m just not sure she can carry a tune live all that well. Maybe it was just stress and too much touring and not enough rest. Does anyone know what was written on the inside of her jacket? She started off wearing a jacket that she held wide open and quickly discarded. The camera purposefully stayed behind her for that, but when she threw the jacket away, you could see a couple of letters taped onto the inside. Anyone know what it said?

(UPDATE: The jacket says “ROCK ON.” Here’s a large photo of it.)

* The New York Philharmonic was a joy to watch. But then they got dragged down by Coldplay, a group of amusical monotone fools. What a sad waste of an orchestra.

* The Springsteen performance was amazing to watch. Amazing job. Made me wish he had won more. And I’m not even that big a Springsteen fan, which is heretical when you’re born and raised in NJ, like I am. I was impressed, though. The only nagging point was Bruce’s face. He looked in pain. I didn’t think a person could sing while stretching their mouth that far into the back of their face. Wowzers.

* Erikah Badu (or however you spell it): wow. I’m not sure whether I should jump ugly at her hair or her inability to read the teleprompter. But given the number of other presenters who seemed to be WAITING for the teleprompter to scroll, I think it’s her fault that she couldn’t keep up. Poor BB King had to stand next to her through that.

* Robin Williams is hilarious.

* I couldn’t sit through Nelly, though I thought he showed remarkable timing in producing a show complete with pyrotechnics just a couple of days after nearly 100 people died from them…

* The backlash against Norah Jones has already begun. She’s not the “flavor of the moment,” despite selling 7 million albums over the course of a full year. That’s a rather long moment. The comparisons to Christopher Cross have been flying, but all those references leave out one very big thing: Cross was a victim of MTV. The year after he won all those Grammys, MTV changed music from being something about melodies and musicality and into something about looking skinny and good on cable television. Music has never recovered.


3 Responses to “The Grammys, Part 2”

  1. JLK
    27. February 2003 at 10:14

    Re: Springsteen’s pained face … it’s the emotion, man, the emotion! ;)

    Seriously, buy (or rent) the “Live in New York” DVD for some fabulous widescreen closeups of facial contortion.

  2. Augie De Blieck Jr.
    27. February 2003 at 15:09

    I’m seriously tempted to do so after that performance. I love a good concert DVD. The problem is that I never have any time to watch them.

    Does he do “Glory Days” in the concert? It’s my favorite Springsteen song, by far. I’m a baseball guy, what can I say?


  3. Allen
    5. March 2003 at 08:54

    I think that Norah Jones is an excellent artist. I bought her album last December and enjoy it very much.
    ‘Don’t Know Why’ and ‘I’ve Got to See You Again’ are good additions to my mix CD. I have some Beatles, Wings, and Billy Joel on the CD too.
    What are your top 4 musical artists or groups?