ABC to drive nail through Drew Carey Show

There’s more network doublespeak B.S. in this news story than I care to think about. The long and short of it is this — there are 10 episodes of THE DREW CAREY SHOW left in the season, and they’re not going to show them until the summer. At that point, the series will be in its 3rd or 4th time slot of the year, the ratings will be flushed away completely, and ABC probably won’t honor its contract for next season in the series. Disgusting.

Let’s hope this doesn’t kill WHOSE LINE along with it.

In brighter news: ALIAS and 24 both got picked up for third seasons. There’s some hope.


2 Responses to “ABC to drive nail through Drew Carey Show”

  1. JLK
    28. February 2003 at 09:51

    And, after two episodes in the “new” summer timeslot, the ratings will be so poor (and I am sure that ABC will be putting up a lot of ads) that ABC will just simply cancel it, a la “Clerks the Cartoon.” Most sad.

    My understanding with “Whose Line” is that the show is so cheap to produce, and they can film so many episodes at a time (reportedly, the bulk of this season was filmed LAST season), that they can afford to keep it on the schedule, at least for now.

    A third season of “24″ … there IS hope, especially since this past season has been played out (so far) like the second act of a trilogy …

  2. Augie De Blieck Jr.
    28. February 2003 at 11:37

    That’s why WHOSE LINE has survived so long thus far. It’s dirt cheap. The thing could get ratings to rival FARSCAPE or DONAHUE and still make money for ABC. It saved their Thursday nights against the once unstoppable juggernaut of FRIENDS and SURVIVOR.

    I’ve also heard that attending a taping of the show is painful. You’re stuck in that audience for five hours and get no bathroom breaks. It’s on a Saturday night, too. Still, I’d love to attend one. If only they’d do a taping in NYC…