Colin Quinn’s Tough Crowd

I talked about this show a little during its original run on Comedy Central last December. Now it’s back. Hosted by Colin Quinn, it’s a talk show in the format of POLITICALLY INCORRECT, but is actually politically incorrect and funny. There are no celebrities and politicians on the show. It’s all comedians.

The topics for the night are more often than not just the hangers to drape the personal insults and stereotypical ethnic humor over. The comedians look like they’re having a lot of fun and that translates across the screen. The show is completely out of control and some might be leery of all the people talking over each other at times, but when they get their bits in, it’s hilarious. The comedians come prepared with lines for each topic and while that sometimes makes it appear too rehearsed, it’s still funny material. That’s fine by me.

Quinn is not the perfect talk show host by any means, but he brings these people together and makes for one of the funniest half hours on television four times a week.

Comedy Central airs TOUGH CROWD every night after THE DAILY SHOW at 11:30 p.m. and then again at something like 1:30 a.m. Check your local listings.

2 thoughts on “Colin Quinn’s Tough Crowd

  1. Yeah, I Season Passed this on Monday. Cracks me up.

    “Yo Momma’s so black, when she goes outside during the day, the phone rates go down…”

    I was in tears rolling on the floor after that one.

  2. That one-liner got me, too. I nearly had to pause the TiVo I was laughing so hard.

    It occurs to me — and this might be a future blog post — that I don’t watch sit-coms all that much anymore. When it comes to humorous shows, I’m down to FRIENDS, SCRUBS, DAILY SHOW, and TOUGH CROWD. Everything else is drama, reality, or cable documentary types (Junkyward Wars, Monster Garage, etc.). Heck, I watched a fascinating hour-long documentary on the making of the Kansai Airport in Japan today. They built that sucker three miles off-shore. They had to create an island for it, first. Amazing.


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