The price of giving stuff away

It’s a brilliant idea to promote your book by giving it away for free on the ‘net. Even if it’s only a few chapters. It’s even better to put up an old novel for free when a new novel is coming out. These are all great marketing tools. It’s been shown to work, too. It sounds odd, I know, but it can work for you.

Here’s a little lesson learned the hard way, though: Don’t put your book up on the ‘net for free in a HUGE PDF file when you’re being charged by the megabyte for bandwidth. That’s what Glenn Fleishman did, and it may end up costing him $15,000.

One thought on “The price of giving stuff away

  1. I’m a huge GoLive fan. I was quite surprised when Glen offered his book for download.
    I remember thinking – “Wow! He’s got to have a lot of bandwidth”. Guess he didn’t have quite enough, eh? $15,000. Unreal.


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