This bucket sucks!

I’m being generous in putting this in the Tech category.

Courtesy of Jonah Weiland comes a link to the SuckBucket. It’s the wastebasket that sucks. I’m still not entirely sure if they’re serious with this thing or not. Are puffy garbage bags THAT MUCH of an issue? Sure, they can be annoying, but life is filled with little annoyances. This one isn’t high on my list of things needing a fix. I certainly don’t need a video demonstration of the possibilities, either. Just weird.

2 thoughts on “This bucket sucks!

  1. The guy in the video is hillarious. He’s so serious he’s funny. Worth the minute of your life just for one of those, “What????” moments.

  2. It’s not Dr. Phil, but he sure looks like him.

    Wait till you see tomorrow’s blog entry (4/3/03) on the rejection phone line…

    heh heh


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