More network stupidity

The scheduling hijinks continue.

I was all set to watch back-to-back new episodes of WHOSE LINE IS IT ANYWAY? last night, when ABC decided to air ALL AMERICAN GIRL, instead. ACK! Ugh. Ptooie!

And then this morning it gets worse: NBC has canceled JUST SHOOT ME. No big surprise there. The plans were to air 2 episodes a night for the last 6 weeks of the season to blow them all out. No, instead NBC has canceled the show and removed it from the lineup through sweeps. The last 13 episodes won’t be shown until the summer now, probably. That stinks. After 7 seasons, they give it the royal shaft. I know it’s business and money talks and all that, but they could have at least let the show go out with a little dignity.

::sigh:: I’ll miss Nina Van Horn.


5 Responses to “More network stupidity”

  1. Joe Torcivia
    25. April 2003 at 10:05


    About “Just Shoot Me”, you write: “I’ll miss Nina Van Horn.”

    YOU’LL miss Nina Van Horn??!!! Move over, Pal! (She’s more my age anyway! ) There aren’t all that many contemporary sitcoms that I like… and one of the very few is going away! (SOB!)

    Not sure if that “SOB!” is my crying, or my description of the “NBC’er” that pulled the plug on the “Gallo Gang”!

    Joe Torcivia (…Still misses “Titus”! But not in the same way he’ll miss Nina Van Horn! …Also notes the irony of losing “Nina Van Horn” — and regaining “William Van Horn” at the same time! Let your non-comics web-readers puzzle over that one!)

  2. John
    25. April 2003 at 11:35

    All I know is I’m glad we got rid of Keith Van Horn. (Jersey Guy)

  3. Augie De Blieck Jr.
    25. April 2003 at 15:33

    Hey Joe –>

    Titus was one of the best sit-comics of the past ten years. Christopher Titus signed on to do some sort of sci-fi cop or lawyer pilot show, I think it is. OK, maybe not sci-fi but definitely in the future. Of course, I can’t find a link for it now…

    OK, here’s what I could find:

    “Future Tense: Christopher Titus will star in NBC’s upcoming SF-themed drama pilot Future Tense, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Future Tense, from Warner Brothers TV, Silver Pictures and NBC Studios, is set in the near future and focuses on a high-tech law enforcement unit, the trade paper reported. Titus will play the head of the division, a medical doctor with a doctorate in public policy. “

    Hey John –>

    I think NJ sports are a hopeless mess. ;-)

    Of course, they’re still managing better than those perpetual losers, the Knicks, and helpless overaged Rangers.


  4. Scott DeWolf
    25. April 2003 at 15:57

    If this is the same show that I remember reading about on CNN, Bochco is attached. And if it is that show, I remember Steven making some lame comment about this police drama taking place in teh future, dealing with how new technology will aid law enforcers in more efficiently nabbing the criminal element, yet is not SCI-FI??? WHAT THE???


  5. Dating
    28. February 2006 at 21:13