New Releases, May 27 2003

Here we are again, reviewing this week’s New DVD Release List. More money to throw down the drain.

Remember how bad I said the Fall 2003 TV schedule was looking? It’s so bad there’s one show on there called “The Mullets,” or something equally as stupid? Well, now DVD is jumping on the bad hair bandwagon:

American Mullet (2001)

No thanks.

Burning Down the House (2001)

Sadly, I don’t think this is another Talking Heads concert video. But if you do want to see one of the best concert films ever, STOP MAKING SENSE by The Talking Heads is highly recommended.

Charlie’s Angels: Season One (5-disc set) (1976)
Charlie’s Angels: Superbit (2000)

Again, no thanks. Am I the only one who just doesn’t get this? If I want chicks who can fight, I’ve got plenty of options these days. That includes T3, X2, MATRIX 2, TOMB RAIDER 2. And while the new CA movie may have Robert Patrick in it, that’s not nearly enough to get me to the theaters to see it. And is that Henry Rollins in the previews, or someone who just looks vaguely like him on a quick cut?

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman: The Complete Season One (5-disc set)

Whoa, boy. Everything is coming out on DVD from the world of TV, isn’t it?

Good Burger (1997)

Did you know that this one was written by Dan Schneider and directed by Brian Robbins, both from TV’s HEAD OF THE CLASS? What a great sit-com that was.

Homicide: Life on the Street: Seasons 1 and 2 (4-disc set) (1994)

I didn’t get into this series until the third or fourth season. But, damn, was it a fixture on Friday nights for a few years. It was a Can’t Miss show, and I want to go back and see the first couple of seasons now. I’ve seen a couple of episodes in reruns on Court TV, but it’s not enough. Groundbreakingly good network television. They don’t do stuff like this anymore, unless you go to cable.

The Pianist (widescreen) (2002)
The Recruit (2002)

One won an Oscar. The other had Al Pacino. I’m sure they were both very good movies, but I’m passing.

6 thoughts on “New Releases, May 27 2003

  1. I don’t know about Angels, but Rollins IS in the Bad Boys sequel this summer.

  2. I won’t concede to the “everything is out on DVD” argument until my niche-wish, Chicago Hope, gets out (at least the first season, full of Mandy Patinkin’s Emmy winning Geiger) ;)

  3. DON’T pass on “the Pianist”. It’s an excellent movie and an amazing eye-grabbing saga of the Holocaust that goes places that many other Holocaust movies can’t/don’t. Because of the true experiences of this man that it was based on, we see the devastation that was left behind (the empty Warsaw Ghetto as one example). It’s also an incredible deserving Oscar-winning performance by Adrian Brody.

  4. Homicide was great. It even crossed over into Law & Order once or twice. Richard Beltzer even plays the SAME character in SVU that he did on Homicide. I may have to pick those DVD’s up…

  5. There are really only two releases worth picking up this week and both are excellent:

    Almodovar’s ‘Talk To Her’ and Kurosawa’s ‘Throne of Blood’

  6. Odis –>

    Thanks. That’s good news, at least. Maybe I’m mixing up my trailers. Hmmm…

    John –>

    I know the feeling. I’m still holding out hope for VR.5. After the way they butchered the VHS release, though, I’m not holding out hope. DVDs were solicited at one point and promptly canceled. I’m guessing orders weren’t that high, but they also were trying to release them before TV shows broke out big on DVD. (Really, THE JEFFERSONS?!?)

    There will always be TV shows we’d like to own that won’t be released. I can name a half dozen animated series off the top of my head that I’d like to see…

    Jamie –>

    Heck, Belzer even played the same character in an episode of X-FILES, IIRC. He was so great on HOMICIDE. Made you forget all about that unfortunate skull-cracking wrestling episode on his daytime talk show in the 80s.


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