More on “It”

On the bright side, Ashton Kutcher will have to be “overexposed” at some point in his career. At the current rate, it’ll be sooner rather than later. I don’t know where this article is from, but I do believe it’s legit:

“It looks as if the old General Lee will be getting a tuneup. The script for Warner Bros. Pictures’ big-screen version of “The Dukes of Hazzard” is still being wrestled into shape. But that’s not stopping Ashton Kutcher and Paul Walker from expressing their interest in starring as the fast-drivin’ cousins, with Anthony Anderson as Boss Hog, in the remake of the good-ol’-boys TV series that ran on CBS from 1979-85. Kutcher is so into the role that he even dressed up as Luke Duke last year on Halloween. And what about Daisy Duke? Rumors are already buzzing that Britney Spears, who worked with Kutcher on an episode of MTV’s “Punk’d,” is one possibility.”

Ugh DUKES OF HAZZARD was my favoritest show in the whole wide world when I was 5 years old. When I saw it again on cable a few years back, it held absolutely no interest for me. Not even Daisy Duke.

Besides, shouldn’t Boss Hog be played by Michael Clarke Duncan? DOH was so white… ;-)

Quote of the Day

This one comes from last night’s episode of BIG BROTHER 4, wherein rocket scientist Jun described the virtues of Jack, the oldest (58) of the houseguests. One of those virtues, she said, was that he had “wise epithets.”

“Wise epithets”?!? Is that the sagacious use of the F word? Crazy.

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Big Brother 4 (spoilers through 7/29)

It’s obvious that certain lessons have been learned from previous seasons by the houseguests. It’s also obvious that some of the most obvious lessons to be learned in the house are being completely ignored by the clueless idiots.

For starters: If you put up a “sure bet” to get voted out of the house versus someone who is well-liked, the “sure bet” will never get the votes. This has NEVER worked. Not once. And it’s been tried two or three times, at least. It’s usually the first vote of the season. This week, we’ve already seen the sure bet taken off the pedestal by the Golden Power of Veto, so we’re locked in for one more example.

I think Jack is gone tonight, for a reason that should be obvious and send everyone else packing so far: He’s a threat. There’s no point in getting rid of the weaker player, from the standpoint of ‘playing the game.’ The bigger threat should be eliminated first. BB2 didn’t learn that and Doctor Will won.

Also, nobody is going to fly under the radar this year. I don’t think anyone in the house right now is. Jack’s about the closest you can come to being “universally liked” in the house, and that’s what’ll get him kicked out. If everyone likes him, who wants to be in the Final Two with him? You don’t stand a chance. Jack gets voted off. Jack’s interrogation of Dana before she nominated the two houseguests was brilliant. He made his point, he backed it up with proof, and he didn’t let her squirm out of it. Right then and there, I knew his professional training was enough to get him in big trouble quickly, or win the game outright. It looks like he’ll be gone after tonight, unless enough people are so annoyed by David’s cannonballs that they throw him out instead. ;-)

What really gets me so far is how people take “power” for granted. The most brilliant BIG BROTHER moment ever came last week when Robert was talking about how he had all the power and Erika was going to be evicted from the house unanimously. Whoops. The looks on their faces when the votes came down the other way were priceless. Then he was worried that he had no power. Then Dana wins HOH and he’s got all the power again. Then Nathan wins the Veto and he’s powerless again. Nathan uses the veto and Robert sees stars of power in his eyes. Jeez, these people live on a roller coaster, don’t they? They’re self-delusional, too.

Still, I’m glad Alison is off the block, because it would be a shame if BB4 loses all of its eye candy so fast…

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I’m sick of ’em

I hate the whole “It” trend in Hollywood. How is it that certain people end up in a half dozen movies a year? Why does every director in the world want to work with these people out of nowhere, and how do these people find the time to be in multiple movies at the same time?

Does Ashton Kutcher really have any talent? I’m sick to death of hearing about him, and then seeing his name connected to every other movie script.

Rosario Dawson might be a great actress — I don’t know — but I’m sick of hearing her name being cast in every other film, also. She’s now being looked at for Oliver Stone’s “Alexander.”

I’m also not a Jack Black fan. Don’t know why his moronic college frat boy antics get him to be the Go To Guy for comedy, but at least he’s not in that many movies a year.

I guess I should blame this all on MTV.

New releases, 29 July 2003

This week’s list is excerpted from the full list at

Daredevil (2-disc set) (widescreen) (2003)

This is the only Must-Get for me this week. Call me a Comics To Film buff. Plus, I missed it in the theaters as I miss so many movies these days. Hopefully, I’ll find time to watch it at home, instead.

Piglet’s Big Movie (2003)

I have a four month old niece. Movies like this catch my eye now. I’m slowly getting older.

Running With Scissors (2001)

Safe to assume this isn’t a Weird Al promotional video from his previous album?

Solaris (2002)

The movie interests me. The commentary track by Steven Soderbergh and James Cameron really piques my interest, though.

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R.I.P. Bob Hope

You know what this means, right?

1. Many many Dead Pools around the country are paying out small numbers.
2. All those pre-written and edited stories at newspapers, websites, and TV news networks around the country are being updated with the words “2003” and “100” and are running as we speak. Now they can go back to polishing up their Reagan biographies again.

I’m a cynical one, aren’t I?

More mall fashions

My college — Drew University in Madison, NJ — was known for being located in the middle of a forest. The rate of buildup is slowly eliminating that distinction, but it is still fairly wooded. There were squirrels everywhere. One friend had a theory that there was actually only one squirrel on campus, but that he was really fast. You’d turn your head and think you saw another squirrel, but in reality it was the same one. He just scampered well.

Along those same lines, I have a theory that there are only 6 or 7 teenagers at the local malls. I was discussing this theory with John and Justin at my local comics shoppe yesterday, and they added onto it.

John has taken to counting the number of teenagers he sees wearing those superlong t-shirts that go down to the knees. While he counted nearly two dozen on one local trip, I think he just saw the same two or three people repeatedly. You can’t help it — we’re talking about teenagers at the mall here.

I feel really old for pointing this all out. I do giggle a bit when I see people wearing those Madonna bracelets again, though. Remember those thin black rubber circles you’d wear around your wrist in 1985 or so? If you hadn’t noticed, they’re back. Saw them pop up on American Juniors a couple of weeks ago, even. The girl wearing them had no idea there was a 1985.

I saw another odd fashion statement while in San Diego last week — it’s the Male Avril look. Guys wearing button down shirts untucked and ties that aren’t necessarily tightened all the way up to the neck. I only saw three of them, but that’s plenty more than you normally see in NJ.

In NJ, the most ubiquitous fashion statement is with the females – short denim skirt (preferably faded in an odd arrangement) and a white top. The skimpier and more stomach-revealing, the better. No sleeves, please.

Their opposite number is the kind you see coming out of Hot Topic wearing all black and lots of it.

For the record, my jeans will never be faded down the thighs, unless it’s a weird quirk of laundry.

Movie Trailer of the Day

Rundown looks like a live action cartoon. And it has Christopher Walken in it, too. Makes it one more movie to add to my Must-See list that I’ll never get out to see. But it does look ludicrous enough to get over my loathing of professional wrestlers. “The Rock” stars.

Bubba Ho Tep

“Bubba Ho-Tep? What’s that?” you may ask.

It’s Bruce Campbell’s “new” movie, whose trailer can now be seen here. I use the quotation marks because the dang thing has been making the festival circuit for awhile now, and even had a showing at the San Diego Comic Con last year.

Ossie Davis plays an old man convinced he’s Jack Kennedy, and Bruce Campbell is an aged fat Elvis. Together, they fight a mummy. Or something. It’s just bizarre enough to be good. The theatrical release for the movie begins in September, but it looks to be one of those movies that plays in artsy cinemas in big cities only. In other words, look for a DVD in the spring, if you’re lucky.

Real Live Trigger Happy TV?

They’re called “flash mobs.” They’re organized on the internet as groups of people who show up somewhere, do something stupid, and dissipate. For example: “Shortly after 7 p.m., about 200 people suddenly assembled on the mezzanine level of the Grand Hyatt Hotel next to Grand Central Station, applauded loudly for 15 seconds, then left.”

Good, harmless fun. And the article does have links to pictures of some events. Hilarious.

I want to work for Google

I mean, I always have. That’s nothing new. But I just don’t have the PhD that they seem to like from their programmers these days. And they can afford to take the best, so they get the best. Plus, I’m not big on moving to California.

They do know how to treat their employees, though. The benefits are amazing. Free food. On-site dentist. It’s the peak of the Dot Com Days, but still thriving.