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Pity me; I watched three week’s worth of AMERICAN JUNIORS last night without a break to catch up on it before the final member of the band is announced this week. One could presume that after this week, the show is over. I haven’t heard this week’s show referred to yet as the “season finale,” so who knows? Perhaps it’ll carry over for a week or two to show us how the group comes together and attempts to gel.

As Gladys Knight said, though, it will be a mess. One doesn’t draw names from a hat to pick a group like this. Even when they were putting together The Spice Girls or The Backstreet Boys or any of those groups, they picked people for specific reasons for the group. AMERICAN JUNIORS is going by popularity. Trying to get these five kids to act like one big happy group ought to be tough.

I almost feel sorry for Lucy Hale. She’s the latest addition to the group, but she’s far more talented than anyone on the series. She could be a finalist on AMERICAN IDOL. I was really worried that she had pulled a Carmen Rasmusen by picking “Call Me” as her song last week, but she nailed it. I was happily surprised. It’s almost a shame, though, that she’s going to be held back with this group, where she’ll have to prance around with the new version of The Thompson Twins and one over-acting ham of a singer. It could be worse: At least Morgan hasn’t made the group yet.

Morgan is the worst of the overacting types on this show.

Jordan knows she doesn’t stand a chance at this point. I don’t think she’s a bad singer, but she doesn’t project at all. She’s singing to herself, and it comes across as a little whisper into the microphone.

A.J. seems to be a crowd pleaser, but I don’t think he has the singing chops.

Chantel has the crowd-pleasing father and a pretty decent voice, but she keeps drawing the wrong songs. If she doesn’t make the group, it’s only because of song selection. She sounded strong at the beginning of the series.

Katelyn should be sick and tired of hearing how beautiful she is by now. I can’t blame her for saying that earlier in the series. She’s got a good voice, though, and I think would complement Lucy’s well.

Danielle has a great voice, also, but doesn’t seem to work well outside the ballads and the slower stuff. That’ll hold her back, but she’d make excellent harmonizing vocals for the other songs. So would Jordan, actually, if she ever sang out loud.

Who will be the fifth member voted into the group this week? I think part of that will depend on who does a great job on the show tomorrow night. Chauncey entered the group based on his strong performance of “Moon River,” I think. If one of these kids has a similar break-out performance on the show this week, it could be their number that’s called to the big dance.

I don’t think Jordan or Danielle will be there, though. I think Morgan has his fans, and AJ his. They’ll both get plenty of votes. Chantel and Katelyn are the next likely candidates, and Chantel has polled in the top 3 position a couple of times already. Based on that alone, I’d think Chantel will be the fifth member of the group, with AJ and Katelyn rounding out the top 3. The wild card will be who sings well this week, and whether the 6 million or so votes will be cast in an attempt to balance out the male/female ratio of the group. The girls have outshone the boys by far in this competition. Chauncy might just end up being the luckiest guy on the face of the earth and be the only male in a five part band here.

If I had to pick the group, it would be Lucy Hale as lead, Chantel as first backup, Katelyn and Danielle as backup harmony, and one wild card for extra excitement and energy. Perhaps you’d even pick a good looking guy to bring the girls in. Or Jordan for backup harmony until she can strengthen her voice and learn to project.

When puberty hits the group, though, their popularity would explode with that lineup…

3 thoughts on “American Juniors

  1. I saw most of last night’s episode, and just have to say that the whole thing was just plain creepy.

  2. Yeah, there is a problem with the whole Jon Benet aspect of it. But the less you think of it, the better off you are. =)

    I think the problem comes from having too wide an age disparity. Nine year olds and 13 year olds come from different worlds.


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