Junkyard Mega-Wars

Junkyard Wars returns tonight at 9 p.m. on TLC as the retitled JUNKYARD MEGA-WARS. What’s so different this time? There are two team captains that will compete each and every week. They’ll pick their teams from a group of eligible contestants each week. Now we know why the show was scouting for “lone applications” this past year and not teams. It’s mix and match. They also promise new junkyards, new hosts, and new challenges.

All the info on the changes can be found at the TLC website.

2 thoughts on “Junkyard Mega-Wars

  1. Message to TV producers: If something isn’t broken, don’t fix it.

    Nowhere is this admonition more apropos after seeing the ‘reborn’ version of Junkyard Megawars that has premeired on TLC this August. Junkyard Megawars is a pointless and ruinous retooling of this once Emmy-nominated series, which formerly focused on the intellectual and grease-monkey aspects of designing and building peculiar machines among two competing teams.

    Deciding that casting an educational, competitive team design-build competition as entertainment was just too easy, the powers that be have recast JYM as a dizzying, ugly punkfest, right down to the leather-clad bad-boy/girl hosts and rock-video style photography.

    No teams need apply for the new JYW; just have a bad attitude and a few tattoos will do nicely, as would an ample supply of foul language that will give most parents pause as they reconsider whether this show is suitable for their youngsters. Now, permanent captains choose their teams and spend half the show fighting and endeavorng to out-punk everyone in front of the camera. Add to that a grating musical backdrop and perpetual, dizzying MTV-style jumpcuts from scene to scene, and you have a Junkyard Megawars that, itself, deserves nothing better than a quick deposit in the “Scrapheap..”

    Avoid at all costs.

  2. While I wouldn’t go so far as to say “avoid at all costs,” I do agree with you that the new production is very bad. I think the idea of team captains could work, but they goofed it up. I think they’ve dumbed down the show this season and it’s less exciting as a result. I’ll give it another show before I post my full reactions. I’m hoping this first episode might have just been a shakedown cruise of some sort.


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