Rock The Vote’s a joke

(I accidentally posted this behind an earlier story yesterday, where it might have been lost. I’m pushing the timestamp ahead a day to give it new life. –Ye Editor)

Rock the Vote is trying to jumpstart itself, focusing on how great and non-partisan they are as an organization.

Of course, it has chosen for its rebirth to use The Dixie Chicks as its spokespeople and fundraisers. Since we don’t know anything about the Dixie Chicks’ political philosophies or preferences, they’ll make perfect fronts for a nonpartisan organization, won’t they?

Except we do know what they think. We know what Rock The Vote thought when it first launched in 1990 — it’s an effort to draw votes for Democratic presidential candidates. They’re as non-partisan as The 700 Club.

Rock The Vote is the high-minded movement that eventually led us down the round to asking presidential candidates about their preferences in underwear. Puh-leeze.

Just to further prove the point of how non-partisan the group is, their director added this:

“It’s not partisan to say everyone deserves the protection of the law in terms of civil unions and marriage,” Riemer said.

Uh, no. It would only be “not partisan” to refuse to take any sides on any political issues, aside from endorsing the right of those age 18 and older to vote. If you say you’re nonpartisan, that means you don’t take sides. Right now, Rock the Vote is based on a lie.

BTW, if you are 18 or older, please register to vote. I’d prefer it if you only did it after reading up on a couple of issues, but there’s nothing in the Constitution about the electorate needing to be informed. Just of age.

(I’ll warn you all know — if you want to discuss and debate the merits or lack thereof of civil unions and marriage, I’ll delete the messages in a heartbeat. That’s not what this entry is about, and I won’t let it go down that road.)

One thought on “Rock The Vote’s a joke

  1. I’d say “Rock The Vote” is about as non-partisan as “Fox News”, “The New York Times”, or “The Wall Street Journal”.

    Everything has a slant.


    Anyone who thinks otherwise is just fooling themselves.

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