Funny instructions

Click here for some “bizarre technical illustrations.” The link was posted on Slashdot Wednesday afternoon, but will hopefully be clear enough to view by now. Hopefully, the guy who runs the site will get enough submissions for this thing to expand the site greatly. Shouldn’t be too difficult to find more of these silly illustrations.

2 thoughts on “Funny instructions

  1. Those are FANTASTIC!!!! I am dying here. I have to pick one to print out and put at my desk. Obviously not the Honda one – that I’ll save for home. The plastic bag one just about did me in.

    – THE WebmasterMama

  2. Oh, my. He’s added a couple since the site first went up.

    Remind me never to illustrate the story about my high school biology teacher who had a large model of a tap root that looked quite similar to that Honda pic.


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