Release of 9/11 transcripts

Yesterday afternoon, the Port Authority released transcripts of phone calls made during the horror of 9/11/2001. Many people were aghast at the idea, saying it was wrong to bring it all back up again. That we don’t need to reopen the wounds. That it should be left in the past.

While I can sympathize for the families who lost loved ones that day (and nobody in this area is further that two degrees of separation away from someone who died), I’m a bit shocked at how quickly people want to forget and “move on.” It’s one thing to cease dwelling on it. There’s no point in being continuously morose about the whole thing. But to forget it?!? To leave it behind? To put the blinders on and pretend like it didn’t happen?

No way.

One of my daily visits on the web these days is BeldarBlog, which I haven’t linked to in my blogroll because it’s mostly political. The gentleman who writes it is a lawyer in Texas, who has some excellent and well-reasoned observations on the legal events of the day. Today, he’s written about these 9/11 transcripts, and I think it’s must-reading.

One thought on “Release of 9/11 transcripts

  1. Augie, thanks so much for posting that link to the blog. I’ve bookmarked it and will now be visiting it regularly. That was an excellently written piece on 9/11, and I really liked how direct he was, avoiding platitudes and cliches about what the “healing process” is about. Brilliant.

    And hey, anybody who reads both Newt Gingrich and the Philip Pullman books deserves further exploration!!! ;)

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