NYC Teachers, Stupid?

OK, they’re not all stupid. 3000 of them weren’t able to pass a simple competency test, despite being able to take it as many times as they’d like. There’s something that rings hollow about a person who complains that a test is racially baised after she can’t pass it 13 times.
I’ve never spoken a word of Swahili in my life — save “Uhura” — but I bet you I could pass a vocabulary test in that language in 13 attempts, starting cold.

These teachers aren’t being discriminated against. They’re stupid and, it would seem, too lazy to put in a little work to keep their jobs.

From the NY Times article:

Jose Aguasvivas, a former math and Spanish teacher in the bilingual program at Roosevelt High School in the Bronx, said he was typical of teachers who had failed the test because English was not their first language. “I even have a master’s degree in bilingual elementary education,” he said. “But the test is very confusing. If the test is in Spanish, then I pass it no problem.”

He earned a Master’s Degree in bilingual education without being able to pass a test in English? This country is so screwed up…

2 thoughts on “NYC Teachers, Stupid?

  1. Did he say where he earned it? If it wasn’t in the U.S., I am not surprised. I wouldn’t label him as stupid just because he couldn’t pass a test in his second language. At least he is a teacher. Does it mean he can’t teach? Does it mean he can’t inspire a child to learn more? For every person who complains about teachers, 2 people should be required to drop their jobs and go do it.

  2. He’s supposed to be teaching bilingual education. He has a master’s degree in teaching bilingually.

    And he can’t pass a test in English? If the man is truly bilingual, shouldn’t he be able to do that?!? And this is just a basic proficiency exam. It’s not even advanced.


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