Looney Tunes review

TheDigitalBits.com has the first review of next week’s big release, THE LOONEY TUNES GOLDEN COLLECTION. They liked it. I’m more excited for it now than ever.

If you see any other reviews, please link to them in the comments thread below. Thanks!


6 Responses to “Looney Tunes review”

  1. pmpknface
    23. October 2003 at 13:29

    Hearing them talk about it is enough to make you wish it was out right now. I’ll be hittin’ Best Buy next Tuesday!

  2. augiedb
    23. October 2003 at 13:42

    Yeah, this is one of those things that I might go out to BB at lunch to pick up. I don’t know if I want to wait till after work. Plus, my laptop at work has a DVD drive. I can shut the door for ten minutes when nobody’s looking…


  3. pmpknface
    23. October 2003 at 13:54

    Actually, I jus twent to BB’s website and found that they are selling it for $55, and Amazon has it at $45 (a $20 savings)! I still haven’t gotten a new horror movie this month, so I’m thinking of pre-ordering it from there and getting another Dario Argento flick. I gambled with Suspira last year and now I’m hooked! :D

  4. augiedb
    23. October 2003 at 15:50

    Wait for the weekend circular before you write off Best Buy. The web site doesn’t always synch up to the in store sales price, especially with the big new releases. I’m going to do what I do every week: Check out the Sunday circular (although I get mine on Saturday with my newspaper), compare the price to what’s on Amazon, and order as appropriate. =)


  5. Franklin Harris
    24. October 2003 at 10:09

    pmpknface, if you’re new to Argento, you can’t go wrong with “Deep Red” and “Tenebre.”

  6. pmpknface
    27. October 2003 at 09:52

    Franklin – Thanks! Those seem to be pretty popular ones. I went with Inferno because it was in stock and was !