Thank goodness that’s over

At last, the World Series can return to a real baseball park, and not a cow pasture/football stadium masquerading as one.

Don’t get me wrong — the Yankees have only themselves to blame for losing this game tonight. Wells’ bad back killed them early on. Wilson’s inability to catch Pudge in a rundown and blowing it in a way that even a little leaguer could have pointed out was wrong didn’t help, either. The Yankees looked old and frail tonight. They’re falling apart.

But Games 6 and 7 are at the Cathedral of Baseball now, with the homerun ball a possibility once again. In any stadium except that disgusting teal one in Miami, Bernie Williams’ fly ball in the ninth would have been a monster homerun. No wonder the Marlins built their team for speed: Any hit is a double. Any fly ball is an out.

Furthermore, Pettite and Moose are due to pitch against two Marlins pitching on short rest. I like my odds there. I’m not confidant, mind you, but I like ’em. (Pettite always has one bad inning that ruins his entire games. If he can get around that, I’ll be happy. And does the man ever pitch in the post-season in a game AFTER the Yankees have won one?)

And before any of you Red Sox fans decide to pipe up to say something incredibly stupid, let me just remind you: You haven’t gotten this far in 16 years. You certainly didn’t make it this far this year. The Yankees did. Shut up.

That said — my apologies to the Marlins fans. I was wrong. Looks like this will take all 7 games. If I had known about that stadium ahead of time, perhaps I wouldn’t have been so bold.

6 thoughts on “Thank goodness that’s over

  1. 1) I love all the different parks. I am not a big fan of Florida’s park because it is pretty ugly, but I have no issue with the large outfield. The differences in the field dimensions is one of the many magical things in baseball. I guess if Florida’s park has such of an effect on the Yankee’s hitting then you should be thanking Hank Blalock of the Rangers for winning the All Star Game to give the Yanks home field advantage.

    2)”And before any of you Red Sox fans decide to pipe up to say something incredibly stupid, let me just remind you: You haven’t gotten this far in 16 years. You certainly didn’t make it this far this year. The Yankees did. Shut up.”

    A lot of teams haven’t. And a lot more teams haven’t done as well as the Sox. No Team outside of maybe the Braves have come even close to the Yankees World Series appearances. I am not saying they are a bad team…just that arguement is a stupid one to use against the Red Sox. Its a good arguement against the current state of MLB however. But then the Yankees only spent what, 60 million more then the Sox this year? Maybe 50 I can’t keep track.

    Go Marlins!

  2. The Ugly Ballpark lost the game for the yankees? Come on.

    If you want to argue that Bernie Williams’ fly ball in the ninth would have been monster then you must concede that it wouldn’t have mattered because of Miguel Caberea’s long fly earlier in the game would have been a homer. Or Gonzo’s Automatic Double would have gone over the fence without the bounce. Just because its hard on one team, you have to realize its hard on the other.

    The Marlins team isn’t just built for speed. They have speed and power. Players like D. Lee hit two thirds of their homers away from Pro Player Stadium. Yes its hard to hit homers in the stadium, and thats why no team should be built on just one aspect.

    In another park with a shorter porch you can’t even assume Bernie gets the same pitch.

    Augie, honestly, I don’t know where your loyalties to teams lie, but it doesn’t seem like you have much interest in baseball beyond the world series so it is a little hurtful to see you speak negatively about these things.

    Yankee Stadium is hardly a cathedral. Even having seen my first baseball game there and having followed the yankees religiously for the first fifteen years of my life I can honestly say that Yankee stadium is n’t impressive. It has two things going for it 1) it is in the media capital 2) by virtue of being the yankee’s stadium, a lot of history has happened there. It the Forest Gump of baseball stadiums.

    Otherwise the stadium is universally thought of in the baseball world as an unromantic, stinky relic. It is about the worst baseball only stadium. Having been almost completely rebuilt in the 70s it doesn’t even have it’s old time charm.

    The seats suck. the upper deck is a mile away. the site lines are awful. the tickets are insane. the stadium is in a bad section of a bad town.

    Just doing a random search for baseball stadium comparisons brings us this article: which ranks stadiums such as Pro Player, Busch and US Cellular ahead of Yankee stadium. Having been to three of these four parks I’ll have to agree.

    Finally, its great to see an opposing team in the post season blame themselves for losing instead of congratulating the winning team (see Steve Bartman and Jose Cruz Jr). Like today’s NY Times said, it looks like Boomer picked a bad night to quit pitching drunk. Anyway, I was thinking that instead of blaming Boomer’s bad back on the loss you could blame the string of Batting Practice throwing bullpen stars. Thankfully cloning technology hasn’t advanced enough to have a pen full of Riveras.

  3. Augie said: “Looks like this will take all 7 games.”

    LOL! Great one, Augie. The fish ended this series in six. In Yankee Stadium no less. That stunned look on the faces of the Yankees players and fans was priceless. I can’t remember the last time I saw such a large assemblage wearing an expression that didn’t cumalitively add up to 90.


  4. I look at this way: You can never take away the Yankees win over the Red Sox from them, no matter how disappointing the World Series was, in which the Yankees looked horribly spent. Pathetic last couple of games.

    And any ranking which puts PPS ahead of Yankee Stadium is one which instantly discredits itself. Jesus.


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