Friday Link Round-Up

I’m hoping this becomes a weekly thing. These are little links that have accumulated themselves over the course of the week. Not quite heavy enough for their own blog post, I’ve put them together here in a true weigh.

Here, now, are your Various and Sundry links:

* Todd Rundgren weighs in on the RIAA’s thug-like tactics on file-sharing.

* BBSpot compares the new Office 2003 with its predecessors in categories such as “Every document must be in ALL-CAPS 42 point Times New Roman font.” This is the first valuable Office comparison I’ve seen to date.

* Most addicting show of the week: VH1’s I Love The 80s Strikes Back

* Remember those previews the networks used to run on Friday nights in the fall to promote their new Saturday Morning Cartoon line-up? ABC’s 1983 Special has been thoroughly and scarily reviewed.

* I may have linked to this already, but just in case: Toll collectors have one of the worst jobs in the world — sitting in a half-sized cubicle in the elements, surrounded by idling cars and taking dirty money from dirty hands. Sometimes, it gets to them. Who can blame them? The funniest thing to read in these complaints is management’s suggested solutions to the problems, like “Establish a policy not to be vulgar or obscene to motorists.” What, that wasn’t in the training manual already?!?

* So familiar and yet, so — foreign.

3 thoughts on “Friday Link Round-Up

    • Most addicting show of the week: VH1’s I Love The 80s Strikes Back*

      I got sucked into 1987, it was my senior year. It was fun to look back and laugh.. though it did make me feel kinda old……
  1. I can’t believe they mentioned “Thundercats” without mentioning the first episode, in which the main characters were all naked.

    Oh, and the Williams Street guys at Cartoon Network should do a parody of those old Saturday-morning-preview shows.

  2. I’m glad they didn’t look at the current THUNDERCATS comic, which has been discussed at great length for its sexual subtext….

    And, Melody, I promise not to tell you what grade I was in in 1987. I don’t want to make you feel any older. ;-)


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