Comparison Shopping

The Best Buy circular showed up with the paper this morning, so I got to work plotting out this week’s multimedia binge spending and discovered some interesting things.

The LOONEY TUNES DVD set is $10 cheaper at than on sale at Best Buy.

COUPLING: SEASON TWO is $2.50 cheaper at over Best Buy, unless you’re buying it in conjunction with SEASON ONE, in which case they spot you $10 more at Best Buy.

SPACE JAM is $3 cheaper at Best Buy than

On the other hand, HOMICIDE: SEASON 3 is $5 cheaper at Best Buy, but they’re not advertising it in their circular this week. It’s quite curious, because they dedicate almost an entire page to TV series on DVD, but leave out the one with a new boxed set this week. So you’ll be taking your chances walking into a BB store on Tuesday looking for it.

And the new REM GREATEST HITS compilation is by far cheaper at Best Buy than Amazon. I think the price difference is $5 on the two-disc set.

I’ll have this week’s full busy list of DVD releases on Tuesday.

5 thoughts on “Comparison Shopping

  1. And last week, Indiana Jones was $10 cheaper at Eckerds drug stores… but they supposedly never got them in stock, so Best Buy will refuse to refund the price difference. Cheating, loophole lovin’ jerks.

  2. They write those deals very carefully for a reason. You just found it.

    Gotta love the lawyers!

    (Actually, I’m loving mine right now, due to some issues with my current employer. More on that another time, perhaps. heh)


  3. That’s why I hit Wal-Mart on the way to work Tuesday morning. I had a feeling that Eckerd would never get those sets in, and I wanted to get the pricematch before they opened for the day.

  4. Lawyer? ::waves arms:: I can help!!


    Probably not. ;) But email me anyways. ;)

  5. Costco consistantly beats out the Best Buys and the Circuit Cities when it comes to box sets: Looney Tunes Golden Collection is $39.99 there.

    Yes, you have to be a member or know someone who is, but if you buy a lot boxsets, the savings can be sizeable.

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