Movie Trailers of the Week

Resident Evil: Apocalypse gets the award for being the most entertaining trailer ever made with only one shot from the movie in it. Interesting. I’m sure the movie will be utter pants, but there you have it. (I like sneaking British phrases into normal American conversations sometimes. Just for kicks and to completely throw people off. heh)

I love samurai stuff. LONE WOLF AND CUB is one of the greatest comics of all time. BLADE OF THE IMMORTAL is a great book. Give me a good sword fight in a movie, and I’ll be happy. The Last Samurai is a Tom Cruise samurai film, which seems a little weird. However, the trailer has plenty of shots in it that just reek of classic comic book layouts. The silhouetted warrior against the cloud-streaked sky. Two samurai opposing each other, swords drawn. The samurai donning his robes. Beautiful looking stuff. The movie is out in December.

There is also Cold Mountain, a Civil War romance/war story that I couldn’t help but laugh at. Nicole Kidman’s character has a whispering narration over the whole thing, in a Southern accent that’s sure to upset somebody. Renee Zellweger’s character has a line in the trailer which is amongst the cheesiest things in cinematic history. It must be a guy thing. I like my war movies to be about war. Not romance. I can skip this one.

Finally, we have a film which gives me hope, in a goofball comedy kind of way, Along Came Polly, a romantic comedy with Ben Stiller and Jennifer Aniston (still searching for a hit) that’s written by the guy who did MEET THE PARENTS. I like the blind ferret. I think he steals the trailer. That, and Aniston’s ass. ;-)

4 thoughts on “Movie Trailers of the Week

  1. Perhaps Jennifer Aniston didn’t have too much to do with it, but she was in the mediocre ‘Bruce Almighty’ and it made like a kajillion bucks. Definitely a hit. Also, when it comes to J.A., I’m a breast man myself. She’s blessed.

  2. Ah…”pants”. I love that phrase.

    I also love that most people have no idea what you’re talking about when you call something “totally pants” or “absolutely repulsively pants”.


  3. Hey Jason,

    I’m just practicing, because COUPLING SEASON TWO is out on DVD this week. Give me a week and everything I say will be tinged with London.

    Or, I’ll alternate between COUPLING and HOMICIDE, and end up with an even odder accent. ;-)


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