The World Series

Ah, well. The Yankees lost. And all those people who decry Yankees fans for being obnoxiously In Your Face and obsessively fannish are now pulling the exact same thing against Yankees fans. Go fig.

In any case, the Marlins played better in this series. The Yankees shrivelled up and died on the vine and deserved to lose.

But no matter what happened in the World Series, nothing can take this moment away from Yankees fans:

A long time from now, when this WS loss is forgotten in most memories, it will be that moment when Boone launched one over the wall in Yankees Stadium to defeat the Red Sox in the ALCS that most people will look back on and smile. Pure magic.

I suppose I should, as a Yankees fan, now decry Steve Bartman, too. I sure wish the Yankees had played the Cubs, instead. ;-)

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  1. Hey, I’m not obnoxious!!! :) I’m a low-key kind of fan girl. Quiet, unobtrusive. Not driving around outside like the rest of this city, honking my BLOODY HORN when other people would like to sleep…….

    But you DO owe me a Diet Coke now. :)

  2. Aaron Boone won’t be remembered. Grady Little’s mismanagement will. That’s when the game was over.
    By the way, I thought you said this WS title was a walk, that you had already won it beating the Red Sox, yadda, yadda :)

    You don’t deserve any titles as long as you don’t play with the same weapons as the rest of the league, and you haven’t done that in a long, long time (if you ever did).

    The Marlins are the best postseason team ever. 6 out 6 series won. Congratulations.
    I hope there’s a Sox-Cubs series next year

  3. Hey BronteJD –>

    I’ll even buy one for Eric. Heck, make those alcoholic beverages. I’ll buy ’em all.

    I rarely use my horn. Usually, the only times I do are short taps when someone doesn’t go on green after three seconds or more. Those people deserve to be woken up. Besides, if I don’t honk, there are at least a half dozen people behind me who will. I might as well take the fall for that one. ;-)

    Hey Juan –>

    You misunderstand what I wrote. Yup, when the Yankees beat the Red Sox, they won the World Series. This actual World Series was just an afterthought. I didn’t mean the Series was a walk (although I did think the Yankees were a favorite to win) but that beating the Red Sox was the emotional high of the post-season. Turns out, it was.

    Sadly, Grady will be remembered, but Pedro’s selfish pitching is what blew the series for them.

    If you want real ammunition on the stats, though, go with this: The Yankees are the Losingest Team of the New Millenium. They’ve lost 2 out of 3 now. To expansion teams. Ouchie.


  4. Where are the obnoxious Marlins fans? I can’t possibly find any Marlin fan coverage. I’d love to get some on tape. I just saw some folks in Little Havanna (with ’97 championship banners no less). Is this the party you are talking about?

    Anyway, Yankees fans are obnoxious from start to finish, thats part of the charm and its easy to take because we deserve to be. What drove me nuts were the Cubs fans in south Florida last week. About five times worse than any Yankees group I’ve ever seen. I’ve spoken to quite a few people about it and everyone says the same thing: The Cubs win so rarely that their fans don’t know how to handle themselves when their team is winning. Bad Karma. I fully believe the Marlins would have come back from an 0-3 deficit to toss out the cubs after the behavior of the cubs fans. The Baseball Gods always get you.

    A Cubs / Red Sox World Series would blow. The Cubs or the Red Sox in the World Series would be interesting, especially the Red Sox because it would be most enjoyable to watch them self destruct on the biggest stage not just the LCS, but having both teams in the World Series would be anti-climatic. Like a battle of the un-winning teams. If one cursed team has to win it makes it a little less tense.

    Finally, Augie, As someone who does a nice job reviewing things, you can’t honestly be dismissing someones review of two stadiums because your inexperienced opinion disagrees with the ranking. I don’t know if you have any experience at all at Yankee Stadium, but it sounds like you never even heard of Pro Player before this week. Do you really dismiss other people’s analytical reviews so easily? Certainly arguments can be made for either stadium, but you dismiss the validity of the review and wont even listen because the outcome disagrees with your opinion?

    Anyway, I don’t think anyone can argue that this was one of the best Baseball Postseasons ever. Lets hear it for Baseball! I guess we can all have a drink to it at MegaCon this year.

  5. No, I dismiss the reviews because now that I’ve seen Pro Player Stadium, I know what it is: A football stadium that happens to host some baseball games. Those kinds of stadium (“stadia”?) can never compete with a full-on baseball park.


  6. Pedro wasn’t selfish…he was a star pitcher. They almost always say ‘give me the ball’…Grady mismanaged that. Everyone in America that was watching knew Pedro had to be pulled.

    And that move will outshine Aaron Boone, just like Bill Buckner outshines the guy who hit the ball (or the guy who scored).

  7. And Ray Knight, as I recall, was the first person to hit a grand slam in All Star Game history. Of course, I think he might have been with a different team that year. (Orioles?)

    And I just love the name “Mookie Wilson.” It has a great baseball ring to it.


  8. Fred Lynn, actually, hit the first grand slam, All-Star Game. I remember watching it on TV. 1978 or ’79, I believe.

  9. It’s been my experience that the obnoxiousness of Yankees fans begets the obnoxiousness toward Yankees fans. That doesn’t make it right, but that’s human nature for you.

    Plus, I think so many Yankees fans are bandwagon jumpers who just want to get behind a team that wins, kinda like when everyone was a 49ers fan in the late ’80s. That tends to irk people (and I’d think lifelong NY fans feel that way, too, to a degree). Where were these “die hard” fans 15-20 years ago when the Yanks sucked?

  10. who is more famous from 1986? Buckner or Mookie?


    Just like the recently fired Grady Little will be goated into history.

    Bucky Dent was different. – the Sox didn’t screw up, Bucky got a great hit. That year the Sox’s mistake was falling into an insane losing streak.

  11. The “problem” with Yankee fans as per a discussion I had with one such beast, was that the minute a player doesn’t perform, Yankee fans want them gone.

    Mariano Rivera, a big part of Yankee success in the past was, earlier this year, hated by Yankee fans as a player who had gotten too old and should be shipped out. Major part of our success? Going through a rough patch? Big deal–what have you done for me lately.

    Fans of other teams always wonder how a player may get out of a slump, or can be used in a different capacity–Yankees fans don’t. Soriano, saves 2nd base from Knoblach, falls apart in post season–never want to see him again. Boomer, pitches a perfect game, back hurts–get lost. Aaron Boone, saves the drive to the World Series, couple of errors–not worthy to be a Yankee.

    Maybe it’s just the Met fan in me, but I tend to root for FORMER Met players and always hope they do well. Yankee fans could care less unless they’re providing TODAY!

    That’s where the annomocity comes from, I think.


  12. Noel –>

    You’re right. It was Lynn, but I’m fairly certain it was in the 80s that he did it. Perhaps ’83?

    Chris –>

    “That’s where the annomocity comes from, I think.”

    No, I think it comes from Yankees fans’ superiority complex in the field of spelling words like “animosity.”

    :: duck grin run ::


  13. I’m obviously a savant in the spelling department. I can spell your last name without looking, for example. ;-)


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