Windows Longhorn

Some screen shots of Windows’ next iteration, codenamed Longhorn, have shown up here and there. Looking at these screen grabs, however, two things come to mind:

1. Either they haven’t added in basic icons yet, or they are truly regressing to a more text-based layout of many of the systems. (Check out the ctrl-alt-delete screen to see what I mean.) I actually like that idea. Less clutter. More to the point.

2. It strongly resembles GNOME, one of the popular desktop environments for Linux. I mean, it REALLY looks like it in some shots. The rounded corners, the large lettering, the simple bright buttons. The “sidebar,” itself, of course, is no stranger to the world of Linux, either. (I’m sure my Mac friends are all going to point out how much it looks like a Mac design, though.)

Longhorn isn’t due out for a couple of years yet. I’m sure these shots will still change a lot before then. More bugs will enter the sytem. It’ll get uglier and less intelligible. Screen space will continue to be eaten up by useless features. We’ll all be back to the drawing board and whining about how much better we liked the old system. =)

One thought on “Windows Longhorn

  1. Yep. Looks a heck of a lot like the Mac Jaguar/Panther environment. Copycats.


    Lord, I’ve become SUCH a MacSnob(TM).

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