Friday Link Round-Up

  • Insane people are upset that the Looney Tunes boxed set doesn’t include all the best cartoons. There are 1100 cartoons. No 2 people will agree on the list of the Top 56. Give it time, people. I want to see “What’s Opera, Doc?” restored to, and with a full 5.1 surround sound mix as option, also. But this first set will keep me happy until then.

  • No surprise here: INDIANA JONES is the best-selling DVD of all time. Well, sorta. The definition goes more like this: “best-selling boxed set of classic catalog film fare.” That’s a narrowing of the field, true, but it’s still a $50 boxed set that sold 600,000 copies on Day One and a million-one by the end of Week One.

  • More Asimov film potential: Now it’s END OF ETERNITY.

  • Scariest thought of the month: Google and Microsoft? Perish the thought. Or start using today.

  • An index to 80s Cover Tunes.

  • We all miss Fox Mulder.

  • With thanks to VandS poster Jeff Wooten, here’s a link to the direct-to-video 24 story I mentioned earlier this week.

3 thoughts on “Friday Link Round-Up

  1. LOVE the “I Want to Believe” image – why post it now, though?

    And the 1980’s cover tunes thing is just…distracting. :)

  2. I’m clearing out some old bookmarks I have in my computer at work, actually. I saved that one for whatever reason, so I thought I’d include it here while I thought of it.

    It also helps me do a little cleanup on the work computer that is far overdo…

    I love the 80s (Strikes Back!),

  3. I agree. Those Looney Tunes negative posters at Amazon are fruitier than a nutcake. Yeah, don’t buy the dvd set because it doesn’t feature two particular cartoons (as if there are ONLY two worthy Looney Tunes cartoons). This set still has “Rabbit of Seville,” “Rabbit Seasoning,” “Rabbit Fire,” “Duck Dodgers,” and “Deduce, You Say” (a personal fave of mine). However, it is weird watching the documentary on disc four heap praise on “One Froggy Evening” (and then not have it on disc). However, the article quoted a Warner Bros. rep as saying it would take them a year to restore 60 more shorts. However, did “Wearing of the Grin” still look grainy and washed out on anyone else’s tv? I thought it might be a problem with my tv, but “Duck Dodgers” looked gorgeous! I’m not positive that restored each and every cartoon.

    –Jeff Wooten

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