Nigerian Spam Scam

/. is linking to this lovely article, which indicates that an Australian man has been placed under arrest for operating a Nigerian Spam Scam.

We all laugh at this e-mail whenever it rears its ugly head in our e-mail boxes, but here’s something scary for you on this Halloween: The man is reported to have received $1.5 million through the scam.

People fell for it to the tune of $1.5 million. I don’t know what the currency conversation is from Australian to U.S., but that’s still a lot of money and a lot of stupid people.


2 Responses to “Nigerian Spam Scam”

  1. Soon
    3. November 2003 at 23:57

    A rule of thumb is to just double the amount from US into Australian currency. So its about 3.5 million there in the US converted.

  2. augiedb
    4. November 2003 at 11:06

    Excellent! Thanks for the info. So it gets even worse. That’s amazing.