Matrix Reloaded

Matrix Reloaded DVD cover art I still haven’t seen the third chapter in the Wachowski Bros’ trilogy, but I think I’ve already been spoiled to death on it. Everyone assumes you’ve seen it on opening weekend, and the mouths just start to fly. ::sigh::

Still, let’s keep this entry spoiler-free for the third movie. We’ll deal with that one later this week, hopefully.

This morning, I took the chance to close the blinds, pump up the sound system, and blast my way through MATRIX RELOADED so I could be all caught up before heading off to see the third movie sometime this week. I was surprised by just how good it was. I had some mixed feelings on the movie when I saw it in the theaters earlier this year. I also know the current Conventional Wisdom is that everything after the first movie sucked. However, I really enjoyed this movie the second time more than I did the first. Perhaps it was lowered expectations. It’s true that the second movie doesn’t carry all the great iconic moments that the first did: Trinity jumping up and freezing in mid-air with bullet time is forever engrained in our mass media consciousness now. Ditto Neo doing the lambada while bullets fly over his body, or just the very image of the green characters of the Matrix scrolling down the screen.

The second movie has its share of cool moments and cool effects, but the video game look that the Big Burly Brawl degenerates into at its end is a bit much. The Zion rave that I hated so much in the theaters didn’t seem so bad at home. It only lasted about five minutes. In the theater, it felt like 15. The highway chase at the end is still the centerpiece of the movie, and doesn’t suffer from too many CGI effects, unless you start looking for them. However, it’s the smaller moments I liked more, such as Neo’s fight scene with the Oracle’s guard, or the entire opening sequence of Trinity with guns blazing, and even Neo’s final hand to hand combat scene in the Merovingian’s lair.

The DVD quality is impressive. Colors are bright where they are supposed to be. The image is crystal clear, with no odd patterns of halo effects showing up. The sound is very impressive. It’s just a great disc. They put everything into it, too. The movie clocks in past 2 hours, and they left all the special edition material for a separate disc, to squeeze all the bits they could into the movie. Good move. I have to get around to those featurettes next.


2 Responses to “Matrix Reloaded”

  1. EarlLantern
    16. November 2003 at 08:17

    I agree with you on this one. When I saw M2 in the theater, I was very disappointed. When I saw it on DVD, I found I liked it a lot more. Basically, I agree with all the points you made in the article. M2 is actually a very good movie.

    I haven’t seen M3 yet. My wife and I almost got to see it on opening day, but a babysitting glitch put the fritz on that. I think we’re going to wait for it to open in the local IMAX theater on November 26. I missed M2 at the IMAX and I really want to see a feature film in IMAX style.

  2. BronteJD
    16. November 2003 at 22:50

    Haven’t seen our DVD of RELOADED yet, but we did see it in theatres. And while I didn’t feel that RELOADED “sucked,” I was disappointed in it. The special effects and visuals were oustanding and amazing, and did not disappoint. My issue with the second movie was with the story itself. Again, the originality of the first one, and RELOADED being well, a sequel, meant that it was de facto going to be derivative.

    I just got tired of all the “it happened that way because that was the way it was supposed to happen because it wasn’t supposed to happen any other way” stuff – there comes a time when that ceases to be original or mind-bending, and just becomes an excuse for lazy storytelling. I mean, why bother explaining why anything has happened or will happen, because it’s only going to happen that way anyway?? Like I said, it came across as either lazy or pretentious, or both.

    And I personally think the Merovingian (although I DID love love love his name, gotta give kudos to the Wachovski bros for that gem) was just an excuse to have Monica Belucci parading around in her…outfit. ;)