Friday Links Round Up

Here we go again:

1. Mouse gestures rule.

2. GI Joe train sets also rule. I had this one as a kid. Dad had a lot of fun putting it together, nailing the set onto a large piece of plywood, as I recall. I don’t know that the thing ever worked, though, like most such toys of my youth. The little car race tracks were particularly failure-worthy. I got one of those every year for Christmas and then again on my birthday. Rarely did they work. The DUKES OF HAZZARD one looked so cool, too.

3. It’s official: William Shatner is a great actor. Who amongst us didn’t know that already, though? I can hear his delightful Shakespearian rap from FREE ENTERPRISE in my head right now…

4. Breadmakers claim the Atkins diet is causing an industry slump. I thought this was funny until I saw Lewis Black comment on it during THE DAILY SHOW the other night. Now I think it’s the funniest thing ever.

5. So, Steve Martin is Inspector Clouseau. I’m OK with that. Now, Jackie Chan is Cato. I really like that.


5 Responses to “Friday Links Round Up”

  1. WebmasterMama
    21. November 2003 at 13:33

    Do they really need to re-do The Pink Panther?? I don’t know if I’m going to like that. They’d better be darn good!!!!!

    Breadmakers… I got one… wanna know what’s causing the slump? People figured out they could buy bread at the store and its way easier than making your own.

  2. Augie De Blieck Jr.
    21. November 2003 at 15:55

    Whoops. I should have included a space between “bread” and “makers” back there. The bread people aren’t blaming breadmakers for the decline in sales of loaves of whole wheat, white, etc, but rather the Atkins Diet. Does that make more sense now? Maybe?

    I love the Pink Panther movies. They were cut too short when Peter Sellers died. They’ve tried a couple of times to bring the series back, but they’ve never found anyone to pull it off and they fizzled horribly. I have to think with Steve Martin and Jackie Chan that they’ll have a chance now.

    Can’t wait to see who they get for Dreyfuss. Maybe Rowan Atkinson for that, at least? Screw it — we’ll wind up with Jim Carrey or something. ::sigh:: At least he could do the facial ticks. heh


  3. The Blue Spider
    22. November 2003 at 17:05

    I knew that he was a great actor this whole time. I knew it since he decided to put up with Trekkers. I knew it since The Twilight Zone. I’ve known it since Miss Congeniality. I have never needed convincing.


  4. Shawn
    24. November 2003 at 10:08

    Okay…first shot…and maybe last.

    William Shatner is the most under rated actor on the planet. Who else could actually pull off an entire TV series using card board backdrops, cheap plastic props, and expendable landing party members.

    Steve Martin and Jackie Chan…nothing like type casting. Do we really need to do EVERY classic movie again. I am still trying to recover from that classic remake of the Plante of the Apes. God, I can’t believe Marky Mark didn’t get an Oscar for that role.

    There’s a slump in the bread market? Shocker. The whole world is going to hell, and now bread. That’s the final straw for me. Thank God I still have my Pork Grinds stock.

  5. Jody Morgan
    24. November 2003 at 23:37

    Well, of course William Shatner is a great actor; could a lesser actor have performed the lead in the first (and, to date, only) American film performed entirely in Esperanto?