A new thought on blinkers

I wrote here before of my bold new plan to outlaw the blinker from cars. The theory is that, after all, nobody uses them. Why bother?

Well, I’ve had second thoughts on that idea. After all, I’m all for smaller government and streamlined lawbooks. As such, I no longer can propose that we draft Yet Another Law to regulate driving behavior.

Instead, I say nobody should bother using their blinkers/turn signals/indicators anymore. This way, we can also strip from the lawbooks any law that says we have to.

After all, blinkers are an unfair advantage to everyone else driving on the road with you. When they see your blinker, it gives them warning of what you’re going to do so that they can speed up to cut you off or slow down to prevent you from turning. It happened to me three times in succession on the road just the other night. Why would I want to signal my intentions to a road full of ingrates who delight in nothing more than stopping my forward progress? These are people who were more than happy to hang back for a full mile and do 55 until I signaled my intention to change into the lane in front of them. That ticked them off and suddenly they became speed demons to fill the gap between them and the car in front of them.

So I say to you, my friends, do away with your blinkers. It’s a fool’s game. And you’re going to lose.


2 Responses to “A new thought on blinkers”

  1. San
    29. November 2003 at 13:44

    Buy a diesel with lots of torque. You’ll be past them before they know what happened.

    (I type this while realising that only Europeans drive diesels, but stay true to your roots Agie! 60% of all cars in Belgium have diesel engines!)

  2. Rob Worley
    29. November 2003 at 14:25

    I will be forty next May. It’s just a few years from that that my turn signal will be permanently blinking left.