Christmas Eve Eve Links Round-Up

  • It’s such a slow DVD week that the usual DVD Release List post is cancelled this week. You can still go to DVDJournal to look at the releases if you wish. I’ll save you the time, though: There ain’t much. And next week isn’t much better.

  • January is looking to be a bonanza for TV on DVD fans, though, including DILBERT and Season 4 of BABYLON 5. Speaking of which, Warner Bros announced the fifth season set for BABYLON 5 yesterday. It’s due out in April. The telefilms will follow in a boxed set closer to next fall, presumably.

  • I’m sorry, but I find this story to be funny. It’s alternative energy versus animal lovers. It seems that the stupid birds are flying into the wind turbine propellors and killing themselves. Now it’s an all-out special interest war.

  • Slate answers the question, “Why are retrogames so exciting?” It’s not nostalgia. I could have told you the answer, but Slate does a pretty good job. Basically, it’s that Pac-Man and Space Invaders are ten times more playable than 90% of the crap that gets put out today that requires a 300 page manual, 5 minute cut scenes, and every key on the keyboard plus special buttons on the joystick. WIRED Magazine mentioned something in its latest issue about a DVD telling the behind the scenes story of Atari in its earliest days. I have to look that up next.

  • The kid who dared to program something to play DVDs on his computer has finally been acquitted. Score one for the good guys. Here’s the concept, people: If I buy the media, I should be allowed to play it. If you don’t create a program to do that for me, I should be allowed to create it.

  • A small article by Scott Adams about what led him to Dilbert.


6 Responses to “Christmas Eve Eve Links Round-Up”

  1. Scott DeWolf
    23. December 2003 at 11:18

    Isn’t Christmas Eve tomorrow night?

  2. Augie De Blieck Jr.
    23. December 2003 at 14:00

    Yup. That’s what makes today — the day before — Christmas Eve Eve.


  3. San
    23. December 2003 at 14:27

    From the bird article.

    Click here to watch a fair and balanced report by Fox News’ Anita Vogel.

    Funny that, since Vogel is dutch for bird….I wonder :)


  4. Scott DeWolf
    23. December 2003 at 14:35

    sorry. Missed that. Color me dumb. Should have got it right away as it flows right in to your sense of humour.

  5. Scott
    29. December 2003 at 00:12

    Did you end up finding anything in Wired about the history of Atari?

  6. Augie De Blieck Jr.
    29. December 2003 at 10:40

    I just saw the review of the book about Atari’s early days… Was there something more?