Lord of the Rings bonus material

I was watching THE TWO TOWERS bonus materials on disc three of the set this afternoon. I paid particular interest to the computers used in the creation of Golum. I went so far as to pause it when they had a particularly good screen shot. Yup, they’re using KDE on Linux for their programs. That’s so cool. Looks like a pretty standard set-up, too. The KDE Help icon was still there at the bottom of it. I wouldn’t think that’s something the animators would need. The KMail icon was also visible, but I imagine they used the e-mail systems at work there in WETA Digital.

Pretty cool.


One Response to “Lord of the Rings bonus material”

  1. John C.
    30. December 2003 at 09:16

    That was the first doc I watched when I got the set this X-Mas, and I was surprised at how much the animators still did for Gollum – from the hype last year you’d think they just that it was ALL Serkis, but the animators still had a lot to do, even with his template.