World Idol

That Dutch kid is gonna plotz when Elton John shows up on stage to sing a song at the finals on New Year’s Day, isn’t he? He proclaimed his admiration for his idol in front of an international audience on Christmas night, right after singing a boring version of Sir Elton’s “Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word.”

But he was far from the worst contestant. The Polish princess has a great voice, but has no idea how to control it. The German Idol thought he was on FAME. I knew he was in trouble the moment he took the stage with a headset microphone instead of a handheld. When he started dancing like an uppity aerobics instructor, I knew he was done. I was worried at first that the rest of the Idols would fall his way. He was the first performance, and I wasn’t sure what to expect from the field. Would they all be dancers? Thankfully, not.

The Canadian kid was really good. The British kid has never sounded better. Of course, the last time we saw him was on the America Idol 1 finale, where he sucked. The Norwegian kid could, indeed, take it all. While he did sing a U2 song, he stayed within himself and didn’t try to go crazy with it. It was a little karaoke that way, but strong, nonetheless.

The Pan Arab Idol won’t win enough votes singing in her local tongue. The South African Idol will have movie offers coming his way, but choosing a song that Josh Gracin made famous on American Idol won’t help him. People seem to love that Australian kid, but I didn’t get him at all.

I couldn’t agree with the British judge more on Kelly Clarkson. She had moments of brilliance in her performance, but spent most of it trilling like a red-throated warbler trapped in a cage. UGH

Both of the presenters thought they were Brian Dunkleman, although Dec was doing a good job sounding like a Hobbit. All of the judges tried hard to be Simon Cowell, but Simon did it better than any of them. Nina De Man, the Belgian judge — my people! — was the cutest person on the entire show by far. I had to do some quick web searching for her. The first link I found to her on the web was someone’s blog calling her a bug-eyed skinny witch. (I hope I’m translating that right.) Obviously, some people have no taste, and I was disappointed with each contestant when they didn’t include her comments. I did find one web site with a collection of her pictures, but I’m afraid I can’t link to it here. The ads are far too pornographic for this web site…

Ah, here you go. Not the best pictures, but you’ll get an idea. She looks cuter with the glasses on, I think.

At least Nina didn’t embarrass the motherland. I felt sorry for all the Polish people watching the show. You know all those jokes about Poles? He’s the reason for it. The man was just silly.

The finale is on New Year’s Night. I’m looking forward to it. I think the Norwegian has a strong chance to win, especially since he went last.


7 Responses to “World Idol”

  1. San
    28. December 2003 at 07:19

    Didn’t watch. How did Peter, the Belgian guy, do?

  2. Mark Mckay
    28. December 2003 at 18:50

    am i the only person whose browers tries to downlaod a sex-site dialer when i click on that link?

    thought the final was quite cringeworthy, but have to correct you augie. given that ant and dec have been on tv here since the early nineties, and the UK version was the original, is it not more likely that Brian Dunkleman copied them, having not seen american idol 1 I cannot say, but a quick search seems to reveal that this was his first big break in the US so he probably just watched the tapes of our show beforehand.

    If you wanted a real idol moment over the holidays, i Would have to say that David Brents rendition of “If you don’t know know me by now” on “The Office” Christmas special was superb. No doubt they’ll release it to cash in.

  3. BronteJD
    28. December 2003 at 18:59

    ah, Pooh. Wanted to see it, and forgot. What time is the final on the 31st???

  4. John C.
    29. December 2003 at 10:25

    What U2 song, if I may ask? I’m a bit of a fanatic and am curious as to what song was (I’m guessing. ;) ) mauled.

  5. WebmasterMama
    29. December 2003 at 10:34

    The Norwegian was awesome. I really enjoyed his performance. I liked the Australian guy but I can’t get past his looks which I find kind of freaky. But I liked his voice. I thought Kelly was far superior to most even with her trills. She just sounded and looked more polished than most. Should be an interesting outcome.

  6. augiedb
    29. December 2003 at 10:45

    John –>

    The song was “Beautiful Day.”

    BronteJD –>

    Finals are at 9 p.m. New Years’ Day, preceded by a Behind The Scenes look at the AI2 concert tour.

    Mark –>

    You’re right; poor phrasing on my part.

    And is the dialer a pop-up, or on the web page, itself? I don’t get any ads on the link, but I do have a pop-up stopped with the web browser I’m using…


  7. Mark Mckay
    29. December 2003 at 12:58

    ok i sense a microsoft bashing coming. to be honest i know internet explorer is buggy, full of security holes etc, but i just find other programs annoying, i tried opera, and pheonix but as these are seperate programs the advantage of in built integration of IE means a lazy person like myself doesn’t have to worry about loading up a seperate program. pure unadulterated sloth. i make no apolgies.