Linux Mandrake

For the past week, I’ve been using Linux Mandrake 9.2 in my system. It has many superior traits to the Fedora Core 1 (nee Red Hat 9) that I used before that. For starters, it automagically provides a link to my Windows partition. It had no problem burning CDs, although it wouldn’t allow me to copy from one CD drive to another. The CD burner program couldn’t see the second CD drive, which was annoying. The fonts worked beautifully, and the OpenOffice word processor program, Write, never looked better. I figured out how to import additional fonts from Windows to Linux with the FontDrak program. (I think that’s its name.) It recognized and used the new scanner without blinking.

But it still had its shortcomings:

* I couldn’t get any plugins to work with the web browser, even with Codeweavers’ Crossover Plugin tool.

* It wouldn’t recognize my USB keyfob hard drive thingy.

* The menu would occasionally kill itself. I found out that this is a known bug going back a couple of releases. If you install a program that tries to add a link to itself in the main menu (similar to the START button in Windows), the entire menu might up and disappear. The fix is just to go to the menu manager program and restore the basic layout, but that’s still an annoyance.

* Installing new programs was a pain in the butt. Many had dependency issues that weren’t easily explained. Many couldn’t find pre-existing programs. Many would run fine, but wouldn’t tell me where they were stored. I had programs I installed and then lost.

* The last straw was when the Mandrake Update tool just bombed out on me. It’s like the Windows Update program. Mandrake stores security fixes and updated programs of major importance in a central site that you can download things from. I was getting an error running the program which allowed me to access that. I couldn’t get in anymore.

So while Mandrake fixed most of my problems over Fedora Core 1, it still left me with some issues. And that’s where SUSE 9 comes in. I’m using that now. More in the future…


One Response to “Linux Mandrake”

  1. San
    29. December 2003 at 12:51

    This stuff is great! It shows me exactly what not to use :)